Classic Cases In Neuropsychology (inbunden)
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Classic Cases In Neuropsychology (inbunden)

Classic Cases In Neuropsychology

Inbunden, Engelska, 1996-01-01
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This book brings together discussion of the classic cases which have shaped the way we think about the relationships between brain, behaviour and cognition.
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C. Code, Classic Cases: Ancient and Modern Milestones in the Development of Neuropsychological Science. Part I: Function and Structure. R. de Bleser, Wernicke's (1903) Case of Pure Agraphia: An Enigma for Classical Models of Written Language Processing. A.W. Young, C. van de Wal, Charcot's Case of Impaired Imagery. M. Ceccaldi, C. Soubrouillard, M. Poncet, A.R. Lecours, A Case Reported by Serieux: The First Description of a Primary Progressive Word Deafness? C. Bartels, C-W. Wallesch, 19th Century Accounts of the Nature of the Lexicon and Semantics: Riddles Posed by the Case of Johann Voit. H.D. Ellis, Bodamer's Cases of Prosopagnosia. G.W. Humphreys, M.J. Riddoch, C-W. Wallesch, Poppelreuter's Case of Merk: Neglect and Visual Disturbance Following a Gunshot Wound. M. Solms, K. Kaplan-Solms, J.W. Brown, Wilbrand's Case of 'Mind-Blindness'. L.J. Gonzales Rothi, K.M. Heilman, Liepmann (1900 & 1905): A Definition of Apraxia and a Model of Praxis. E. De Renzi, Balint-Holmes' Syndrome. J. Davidoff, Lewandowsky's Case of Object-Colour Agnosia. I. Moen, Monrad-Krohn's 'Foreign Accent' Syndrome Case. J.B. Mattingly, Paterson and Zangwill's Case of Unilateral Neglect: Insights from 50 Years of Experimental Inquiry. C. Barry, G.R.: The Prime Deep Dyslexic. E. Funnell, WLP: A Case for the Modularity of Language Function and Dementia. R. Carlo Semenza, P. Bisiacchi, Warrington & Shallice's (1984) Category-Specific Aphasic J.B.R. Part II: Structure and Function. J. Ryalls, A.R. Lecours, Broca's First Two Cases: From Bumps on the Head to Cortical Convolutions. M. Macmillan, Phineas Gage: A Case for all Reasons. A. Schweiger, Anomaly in Relations of Hand, Language and Brain: Crossed Aphasia in History Cross Examined. Bramwell's (1899) Case of Crossed Aphasia. H.A. Whitaker, B. Stemmer, Y. Joanette, A Psychosurgical Chapter in the History of Cerebral Localisation: The Six Cases of Gottlieb Burckhardt (1891). H.C. Sauerwein, M. Lassonde, Akelaitis' Investigations of the First Split-Brain Patients. C. Code, Speech from the Isolated Right Hemisphere? Left Hemispherectomy Cases E.C. & N.F. A.J. Parkin, H.M.: The Medial Temporal Lobes and Memory. J. Bradshaw, Gail D: Poizner, Klima & Bellugi's (1987) Deaf Agrammatic Signer: Form and Function in the Specialisation of the Left Cerebral Hemisphere for Speech and Language. J.C. Marshall, Postword.