Boundaries Beyond Death and Coincidence: How To Cleanse the Haunted Mind (e-bok)
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Boundaries Beyond Death and Coincidence: How To Cleanse the Haunted Mind (e-bok)

Boundaries Beyond Death and Coincidence: How To Cleanse the Haunted Mind E-bok

Part One

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2013-07-15
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Are you haunted by spirits, the past or yourself? Boundaries Beyond Death and Coincidence: How to Cleanse the Haunted Mind, Part 1, will explain how to clear your mind, house and family of unwanted energies and give you a new beginning in life! Anyone who needs a greater understanding of Spirit and who is confused by how psychic and spiritual energies work will gain a full education by reading this book. This book is a combination of instructions, education and recounted experiences to exemplify concepts necessary to clear yourself and your home of unwanted spirits. The techniques in this book are not the only methods available, but it has worked for many people over the years. In this book, there are straight answers and instructions on how to clear negative spirits from yourself and your living space. God and angels, meditation and prayer, the creation of a sacred space, and your own free will are all necessary components in properly and permanently clearing yourself and your home of any negative energies. Engaging in spiritual matters with a lofty attitude can be disappointing or even dangerous. If done with proper education, intention, respect and self-honesty, your spiritual life can be wonderful and enlightening. This book will give you a proper spiritual education. It will also explain correct intention for positive change and help you gain a healthy respect for Holy Spirit and yourself. When learning about the supernatural, you will have to make choices on your own, and those choices are your responsibility. I hope this book will help you make correct decisions and practice your spirituality with confidence and love.
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