Cruise Ship Terror (e-bok)
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Publicious Book Publishing
Cruise Ship Terror (e-bok)

Cruise Ship Terror (e-bok)

A Sam Ross Adventure

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2018-01-01
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Sam Ross gets caught up in a terrorist attack on Queensland's Gold Coast highway. As a G9 operative, Sam is armed, and is able to surprise and subdue the killers. In the aftermath of the carnage he discovers a plot to hijack a new cruise ship on Australia Day.G9 is a small, little-known, special security unit. Its Commander, the enigmatic ';Fog' who recruited Sam reports directly to the Prime Minister.Fog and Sam go to London to meet with UK intelligence and the ship's owners. While there, Sam rescues a policewoman from a vicious attack and discovers she is a Super Recogniser with the Metropolitan Police. Believing she would be an asset in the lead up to the cruise, Fog and Sam negotiate her temporary secondment to G9.In Melbourne, an Iranian diplomat plots with a radicalised Saudi military officer, and Hassani, a battle-hardened Da'ish fighter from the UK.The jihadists training camp is discovered in the bush of western New South Wales, but Hassani, escapes.With the G9 team on board, the target ship embarks on its Australia Day cruise in the cyclone-prone Coral Sea. Cruise Ship Terror culminates mid-morning on Australia Day when the terrorists launch their attacks, and the identity of the organiser and financial backer of the hijacking plot is revealed much to the surprise of Sam and Fog.
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