Parent/Teacher Manual for TROUBLE AT THE WATERING HOLE Children's Book (e-bok)
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Resolution Press
Parent/Teacher Manual for TROUBLE AT THE WATERING HOLE Children's Book (e-bok)

Parent/Teacher Manual for TROUBLE AT THE WATERING HOLE Children's Book (e-bok)

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2017-04-18
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The children's book, Trouble at the Watering Hole, tells the story of forest animals who are fighting over a limited supply of water in a forest watering hole. Fighting with each other doesnt accomplish anything. Emo, a baby bear cub, and his best friend, Chickie, a colorful bird, explore ways that the forest animals can work through the problem, using proven, effective methods of conflict resolution. The story captures the how of conflict resolution and the skills that are part of the process.The Parent/Teacher Manual offers games, exercises, puzzles, and conversation-starters to help parents and teachers describe the skills of constructive conflict resolution in the context of everyday situations. Chores, bedtime, TV time, use of mobile phones and devices, who uses the remote control for the TV, who gets to use sports equipment, who finds that their pencil has been taken by another student and many more situations bring to life the critical skills of constructive conflict resolution.Trouble at the Watering Hole is the first book of its kind to reduce constructive conflict resolution to its essential skills. The Parent/Teacher Manual is a rich resource for discussing these skills and bringing them into focus for children by examining the role of constructive conflict resolution in everyday life.To further help teach kids conflict resolution skills, search for the childrens book TROUBLE AT THE WATERING HOLE and purchase both books together.TROUBLE AT THE WATERING HOLE is also available as a coloring book.
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