The Basic Practice of Statistics plus LaunchPad
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The Basic Practice of Statistics plus LaunchPad

The Basic Practice of Statistics plus LaunchPad

Book Engelska, 2015-08-01
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David Moore's data analysis (conceptual) approach, which revolutionized the introductory statistics textbook, moves students away from formulas and number-crunching, focusing instead on how working statisticians in a variety of fields collect and analyze data, and use the results to tackle real-world problems. The clear, direct way of emphasizing the course's relevance and confronting students' math anxieties is at the heart of the bestselling The Basic Practice of Statistics. It is also the ideal approach for taking full advantage of the powerful statistical tools and interactive learning features in this new edition's text/media package. Now more than ever, this textbook is ready to help students move from reading about statistical practice to practicing statistics themselves. This option includes both the textbook and the LaunchPad. LaunchPad is an interactive online resource that helps students achieve better results. LaunchPad combines an interactive e-book with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options, including LearningCurve, our adaptive quizzing resource, to engage your students and develop their understanding. Features included: Pre-built Units for each chapter, curated by experienced educators, with media for that chapter organized and ready to assign or customize to suit your course. Intuitive and useful analytics,with a Gradebook that lets you see how your class is doing individually and as a whole. A streamlined and intuitive interface that lets you build an entire course in minutes. LearningCurve is also included in the LaunchPad. In a game-like fashion, LearningCurve contains adaptive and formative quizzing providing an effective way to get students involved in the coursework. It offers: A unique learning path for each student, with quizzes shaped by each individual's correct and incorrect answers. A Personalised Study Plan, to guide students' preparation for class and for exams. Feedback for each question with live links to relevant e-book pages, guiding students to the reading they need to do to improve their areas of weakness. For more information on LaunchPad including how to request a demo, access our support centre, and watch our video tutorials, please visit here. Request a demo or instructor access
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David S. Moore is Shanti S. Gupta Distinguished Professor of Statistics, Emeritus, at Purdue University and was 1998 president of the American Statistical Association. He is an elected fellow of the American Statistical Association and of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. He has served as program director for statistics and probability at the National Science Foundation. He is the author of influential articles on statistics education and of several leading texts. William I. Notz is Professor of Statistics at the Ohio State University. His first academic job was as an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at Purdue University. While there, he taught the introductory concepts course with Professor Moore and as a result of this experience he developed an interest in statistical education. Michael A. Fligner is an Adjunct Professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz and a non-resident Professor Emeritus with the Ohio State University. Professor Fligner's research interests are in Nonparametric Statistical methods and he received the Statistics in Chemistry award from the American Statistical Association for work on detecting biologically active compounds. Professor Fligner is currently associated with the Center for Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences at the University of California at Santa Cruz.