Coping with Computers in the Cockpit (häftad)
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Coping with Computers in the Cockpit (häftad)

Coping with Computers in the Cockpit

Häftad Engelska, 2020-03-31
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First published in 1999, this volume examined how increasing cockpit automation in commercial fleets across the world has had a profound impact on the cognitive work that is carried out on the flight deck. Pilots have largely been transformed into supervisory controllers, managing a suite of human and automated resources. Operational and training requirements have changed, and the potential for human error and system breakdown has shifted. This compelling book critically examines how airlines, regulators, educators and manufacturers cope with these and other consequences of advanced aircraft automation.
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1. Computers in the Cockpit: Practical Problems Cloaked as Progress. Sidney Dekker and Erik Hollnagel. 2. Automation and its Impact on Human Cognition. Sidney Dekker and David Woods. 3. Being There: Automation and Interaction Design. Erik Hollnagel. 4. Visualising Automation Behaviour. Martin Howard. 5. Automation and Situation Awareness - Pushing the Research Frontier. Sidney Dekker and Judith Orasanu. 6. Filling the Gaps in the Human Factors Certification Net. Gideon Singer. 7. Human Factors of Automation: the Regulator's Challenge. Hazel Courteney. 8. Extracting Data from the Future - Assessment and Certification of Envisioned Systems. Sidney Dekker and David Woods. 9. Modern Flight Training - Managing Automation or Learning to Fly? Johan Rigner and Sidney Dekker. 10. Introducing FMS Aircraft into Airline Operations. Tom Chidester. 11. Automation and Advanced Crew Resource Management. Thomas Seamster. 12. Automation Policy or Philosophy? Management of Automation in the Operational Reality. Orjan Goteman.