Queering Architecture (e-bok)
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Bloomsbury Publishing
Queering Architecture (e-bok)

Queering Architecture E-bok

Methods, Practices, Spaces, Pedagogies

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2023-01-26

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Featuring contributions from a range of significant voices in the field, this volume renews the conversation around what it means to speak of the 'queer' in the context of architecture, and offers a fresh take on the methodological and epistemological challenges this poses to the discipline of architectural theory. Architecture as a discipline, a profession and an applied practice, is always subordinate to its own conceptual framework, which is one of orderliness. It refers to buildings, but also to infrastructures of thought and knowledge, to conventions and taxonomies, to structures of governance, hierarchies of power and systems of administration. How, then, can one look at queering architectural discourse when the very term 'queer', celebrated for its elusive, slippery nature, resists and attacks such order?Divided into four subsections, the essays in this anthology each purse a distinct line of inquiry - methods, practices, spaces, and pedagogies - in order to help particularize the proposed queering of architecture. They demonstrate the paradoxical nature of the endeavour from a diverse range of perspectives from the questions of mapping queer theory in architecture; to the issues of queer architectural archives, or lack thereof; to the non-Western linguistic challenges to the very term queer alongside decolonial approaches to architecture via indigeneity and landscape.Queering Architecture not only provides a bold challenge to the normative methods employed in architectural discourse but addresses the paradoxical nature of establishing 'queer' methodologies in itself. Essential reading for architectural and queer theorists.
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