British-French Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century (e-bok)
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Cambridge Scholars Publishing
British-French Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century (e-bok)

British-French Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century (e-bok)

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2009-05-05
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France and Great Britain, so close geographically but separated by language, culture and history, had been exchanging merchandise, visitors, rulers and ideas for hundreds of years before the eighteenth century. The flow of traffic only quickened during this period, and became a flood, in the direction of Great Britain, during the decade following the Revolution. While certain of these exchanges, such as Voltaire's sojourn abroad, have been studied in detail, others are coming into focus only as scholars study secondary figures in the host country and the interactions of various groups with its citizens. British-French Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century gathers together fourteen recent essays by scholars from Great Britain and the United States who have examined various parameters of the subject. Correspondences and translations are obvious forms of cultural sharing and are in play in many of the essays. Others recount and analyse the stories of persons who actually visited the other country in circumstances ranging from pure tourism to emigration to a hostage exchange. A final group of essays treats intellectual influences in realms as diverse as encyclopaedism, cultural analysis, connoisseurship, and cosmopolitanism in the arts. The volume isappropriate for collections in history, literature, and culture. TABLE OF CONTENTSPart I:Translations and Correspondence1 Bernardin de Saint-Pierre's English Correspondents During the French RevolutionMALCOLM COOK2 The English Translations of Voltaire's La PucelleJ. PATRICK LEE 3 Enlightened Exchange: The Correspondence of Andre Morellet and Lord ShelburneDOROTHY MEDLIN and ARLENE P. SHY4 The Scottish Enlightenment in Action: The Correspondence of William Robertson andJ.-B.-A. SuardJEFFREY SMITTENPart II:Sojourns Abroad5 'The Only Disagreeable Thing in the Whole': the Selection and Experience of the British Hostagesfor the Delivery of Cape Breton in Paris, 1748-49ROBIN EAGLES6 Peregrinations to the Convent: Hester Thrale Piozzi and Ann RadcliffeTONYA MOUTRAY MCARTHUR7 Friend or Foe? French Emigres Discover BritainROSENA DAVISON8 'Genuine Anecdotes': Mary Charlton and Revolutionary CelebrityGILLIAN DOWPart III:Intellectual and Artistic Exchanges9 Two Partial English-Language Translations of the Encyclopedie: The Encyclopedias of JohnBarrow and Temple Henry CrokerJEFF LOVELAND10 British Biography in the Encyclopedie methodique: HistoireKATHLEEN HARDESTY DOIG11 Diderot, Dentistry and British Politics: Two Neglected PamphletsDAVID ADAMS12 British and French Influences on Hector St. John de Crevecoeur's Letters from an American FarmerDEIDRE DAWSON13 A Commonwealth of Connoisseurs: British Humanism in the Art and Science of the Ancien RegimeELIZABETH LIEBMAN14 An Anglo-Swiss Connection in the Age of Voltaire: Jean Huber's British Friends and RelationsGARRY APGAR
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