Salonika (e-bok)
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Salonika (e-bok)

Salonika E-bok

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2010-08-17
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Silaem is like a younger brother to Midhel despite the span of time separatingthem. Midhel has been walking the lands of Salonika for hundreds of yearswhile Silaem has yet to see a century. Still, the two wizards have grown closeso close that Midhel reveals to Silaem his closely guarded secret. Then all hellbreaks loose. Readers can witness exciting events unfold in Salonika, a rivetingfantasy novel by Stephen Gibbs. Silaem is furious when Midhel reveals the existence of a gateway to anotherworlda world where there is little understanding of magic but where theirweapons of war could reduce countries to rubble. Silaem is convinced thatwizards are given power in order to control others. Midhel, however, believes inhelping others fi nd their own destinies. He has no wish to abuse his power andhas vowed to prevent the knowledge of either world escaping its boundaries bycontrolling and preventing the use of the gateway. Consumed by his lust for power, Sialem confesses that he has been exploringother dark paths of magic. Midhel is stunned by this revelation and knows thatSilaem would now be a bitter enemy he must oppose. Troubled by glimpses ofpossible futuresall of which are darkMidhel fi nds a glimmer of hope ina fl eeting vision of a warrior in black battling Silaem. But where will he fi ndthis warrior, and can he fi nd him in time before all of Salonika falls underSilaems dark rule? Readers can fi nd out as they immerse in this intriguingpage-turner.
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