Reiki and You (e-bok)
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Reiki and You (e-bok)

Reiki and You (e-bok)

Awakening the Healer Within

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2002-10-25
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Imagine healing through balancing your energies by your own hands! While others have written of Reiki, Reiki and You, Awakening the Healer Within is unique for its Judaic-Christian perspective. Author Lyles traces the history of laying-on of hands and shares the how-to information about this healing modality in twelve easy-reading chapters. Reiki (Ray-Key) is now considered by many medical experts to be an important component of (w)holistic healing. It is currently used in over one hundred hospitals in the United States, including Sloan Kettering in New York. Its gentle, non-invasive ways, which help balance the endocrine system, help you feel and heal better. It is the subtle energy system that is the essence of life.Readers Comments about Reiki & You... I encourage all health practitioners to learn to utilize the principles involved in Reiki in conjunction with conventional medical care. I believe the results would amaze them. Those interested in assuming some responsibility for their own health, as well as improving the lives and health of those around them, should read this book as their first step in their journey towards better health and enlightenment. Kent C. Kyzar, M.D., Yazoo, MSThe historic religious roots found in chapter two were comforting and assuring to someone who looks for validation with God and science. As I learned more about the strength from within to heal, I found I was on a new threshold of ancient origin, one that feels and sounds exciting and divine in its sense of vocation and of empowerment. Connie Biagioli, Dental Assistant, Baltimore, MDI have read other books about Reiki and found none more clear than this one. Marge makes it easy with her simple, down-to-earth approach.Lino Stanchich, Macrobiotic International Lecturer, N.C..Reiki & You is an excellent tool to be used when teaching Reiki. The book lends itself to thorough reading and understanding by even the busiest. Reiki Master, Patricia D. Conroy, M.S., L.M.T., Miami, FL
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