The Development of Children (inbunden)
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The Development of Children

International Edition

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Inbunden, Engelska, 2012-06-25
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A lively and engaging new edition, this book examines child development as a process involving the whole child within multiple, mutually influencing contexts. With an emphasis on biological and cultural factors, it explores the pathways of development shared by all children plus the diverse developmental patterns that unfold in them as individuals. * Continued emphasis on the biocultural perspective: this continues to provide an integrated, conceptual framework for understanding development. * New research: there is a focus on the latest research on executive function, including its role in school achievement. Coverage of advances in neuroscience continues, emphasizing the relationship between brain development and the child's experience. There is an exploration of new research into how the prenatal environment affects subsequent development and health. * New focus on media: there is a more thorough and expansive presentation of children's use of interactive media and communications technology, emphasizing implications for cognitive development and social relationships. * New emphasis on culture and biology: the joint roles of biology and culture are examined with respect to how they affect the development of mental and physical health problems, including obesity, eating disorders, and suicide The cultural contexts of parenting practices and sibling relationships are discussed in light of new research.
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CYNTHIA LIGHTFOOT is Professor and Head of Human Development and Family Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, Brandywine, USA. Her published works focus on the sociocultural contexts of child and adolescent development, most recently, on teen pregnancy. MICHAEL COLE from the University of California, USA. SHEILA R. COLE is a former journalist who specialized in writing about families, children, development, and education. She is also a children's writer. Her most recent book offers a history of American childhood and is written for young people. She has also authored picture books, historical fiction, and novels for young adults. She participates in literacy programs for homeless adolescents.


The Study of Human Development Part I: IN THE BEGINNING Biocultural Foundations Prenatal Development and Birth Part II: INFANCY The First Three Months Physical and Cognitive Development in Infancy Social and Emotional Development in Infancy Part III: EARLY CHILDHOOD Language Acquisition Physical and Cognitive Development in Early Childhood Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Contexts of Development Part IV: MIDDLE CHILDHOOD Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood School as a Context for Development Social and Emotional Development in Middle Childhood Part V: ADOLESCENCE Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence Social and Emotional Development in Adolescence