God Blessed America No More (e-bok)
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God Blessed America No More (e-bok)

God Blessed America No More E-bok

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2007-12-14
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Is this just a slogan, or did God really ordain that America would be blessed with the greatest material and spiritual blessings of any nation on earth?Amazingly, over 4000 years ago God implemented a plan that has resulted in prosperity and wealth that these United States of America enjoys above any other nation on our earth. Our founding fathers seemed to know this and proclaimed it on their knees. Sadly, God promised something else; "e;if you will not yet hearken to me, I will break the pride of your power"e; Lev. 26:18-19. That is what is happening to America today. With all our military power and technology, we cannot stop the suicide bombers, the hijackers, and the terrorists. They have the will and the means to destroy our way of life. With all of our religious enlightenment, we are satisfied with the slaughter of millions of innocent and helpless babies each year and call it Freedom of Choice. We spew out filth from a unparalleled sources and call it Art. We all allow a godless few to shout deplorable vulgarities against the Son of God and everything that is holy and call it Freedom of Speech. All of this taking place because God is permitting evil men to openly advocate our national destruction, and are determined to carry out their threat. How much longer will God wait? Read from the pages of His Word, outlined here. Discover how He has blessed our nation, how these blessings came about, and how He is now removing his divine hand opening the way for a national judgment that is rapidly coming upon us
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