Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture (inbunden)
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21 Revised edition
Bloomsbury Visual Arts
Fraser, Murray
2,200 illus (full colour and bw)
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Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture (inbunden)

Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture

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"A major monument in the writing of worldwide history" - Book of the Week, Times Higher Education Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture is the acknowledged classic reference work for architectural history. It has been essential reading for generations of architects and students since the first edition was published in 1896 - and this tradition continues today as the new 21st edition provides the most up-to-date, authoritative and detailed account of the global history of architecture available in any form. Thousands of major buildings from around the world are described and explained, accompanied by over 2,200 photographs, plans, and drawings. Architectural styles and traditions are placed within a clear framework, and the chronological and geographical arrangement of the work's 102 chapters allows for easy comparative analysis of cultural contexts, resources, and technologies. Published for the first time in full colour, and entirely rewritten throughout by over 80 leading international architectural historians, this is a landmark new edition of a classic work - one which reflects the very latest scholarship and brings a thoroughly contemporary understanding to over 5,500 years of global architectural history. Produced in partnership with the RIBA and the University of London, the new edition of Sir Banister Fletcher's Global History of Architecture is available both as printed edition, and for the first time as part of a fully-searchable and interactive digital library available to institutions by annual subscription or on perpetual access (see
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This is a book that deserves to be on the shelf of not only of every architect and architecture student, but of anyone who wants to know more about the history of the world. Browsing through its thousands of pages, with their 2,200 illustrations, reveals architecture's unique place as an index on human achievements, priorities, contradictions and identities - a dazzling visual history of world culture. Everyone will find in it new understanding and new pleasures * Times Higher Education * A double delight ... An integral text in any aspiring home-designer's education (it was voted book of the century by the American Institute of Architects in 2000), it looks at the development of the built form over the past 5,500 years. * Monocle * Book of the Century ... A thundering classic. No serious fan of architecture should be without it -- (of the twentieth edition) * The American Institute of Architects * The bible of architectural history. -- (of the twentieth edition) * Building Magazine * An easy-to-use reference book with all the world's major architecture described, explained and, in many cases, fully illustrated. -- (of the twentieth edition) * B & M Architecture & Design * It will continue its usefulness beyond the years of study and become an additional aid to everyday practice. -- (of the twentieth edition) * Times Higher Education Supplement * It will remain one of the most thumbed tomes in Building Design's office library -- (of the twentieth edition) * Building Design * ...succinct characterization of individual architects and a liveliness of both criticism and description. -- (of the twentieth edition) * Times Educational Supplement * It is such a remarkable book, containing so much detail and so skilfully illustrated, that it is a must for all architectural and surveying offices -- (of the twentieth edition) * ASI Journal * Half the pleasure, as half the volume, of Banister Fletcher is its pictures. The thousands of photographs are, as always in Banister Fletcher, unimprovably fine. -- (of the twentieth edition) * The Times Educational Supplement * The tome has been bought for 100 years by every architectural student who could possibly scrape together the shillings. -- (of the twentieth edition) * Architectural Review *

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Murray Fraser is Professor of Architecture and Global Culture at The Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London, UK. Trained both as an architect and architectural historian, in 2018 he received the RIBA Annie Spink Award for Excellence in Architectural Education. He is also Chair of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain.


VOL. 1 Acknowledgements Editor's Introduction Banister Fletcher: the father, the son, his wife and their books List of Maps and Urban Plans Notes on Transliteration PART ONE [3500 BCE to 500 BCE] Introduction to Part One 1. Sumer and Akkad (Iraq), c.3500 -2000 BCE 2. Assyria (Iraq), c. 1900-612 BCE 3. Babylonia (Iraq), c. 1800-539 BCE 4. Hittite Empire (Turkey), c. 1650-1180 BCE 5. Egypt (Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom), c. 3100-2150 BCE 6. Egypt (Middle Kingdom), c. 2050-1650 BCE 7. Egypt (New Kingdom to Roman Era), c. 1150 BCE-641 CE 8. Minoan Crete and Mycenae (Greece), c. 2650-1159 BCE 9. Archaic Greece, c. 750-500 BCE 10. Etruria (Italy), c. 900 -300 BCE 11. Northwest Europe to c. 1000 BCE 12. Indus Valley (India/Pakistan), c. 2600-1700 BCE 13. China to c. 256 BCE 14. The Andes (Pre-Ceramic Period to Early Horizon), c. 4000-200 BCE PART TWO [500 BCE to 500 CE] Introduction to Part Two 15. Persia (Achaemenid to Sasanid Empires), c. 550 BCE-651 CE 16. Classical Greece, c. 500-400 BCE 17. Hellenistic Greece, c. 400-30 BCE 18. Republican Rome, c. 509-44 BCE 19. Imperial Rome and the Roman Empire, c. 31 BCE- 284 CE 20. Christian Roman Empire, c. 285-480 CE 21. Indian subcontinent, c. 500 BCE-600 CE 22. China (Qin and Han Dynasties), c. 221 BCE - 220 CE 23. China (Three Kingdoms to Northern and Southern Dynasties), c. 221 - 581 CE 24. The Andes (Early Intermediate Period to Middle Horizon), c. 0-1000 CE 25. Mesoamerica, c. 1500 BCE -500 CE PART THREE [500 CE to 1000 CE] Introduction to Part Three 26. Greater Syria and Iraq (Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates), 661-1258 27. Iran and Central Asia, 651-1250 28. Egypt (Arab Conquest to Mamluk Dynasty), 641-1517 29. The Islamic West (North Africa, Spain and Italy), 700-1492 30. Byzantine Empire (Turkey/Mediterranean Rim), 324-1453 31. Italy, 500-1000 32. Carolingian Empire and France, 800-1150 33. Christian Spain and Portugal, 600-1200 34. British Isles, 500 -1150 35. Nordic Countries, 500-1000 36. Indian Subcontinent, 600-1400 37. China (Sui and Tang Dynasties), 581-907 38. Korea, 427-1392 39. Japan, 538-1333 40. West Africa, 400-1400 41. Mesoamerica, 500-1521 42. North America, 500-1400 PART FOUR [1000 CE to 1500 CE] Introduction to Part Four 43. Iran and Central Asia, 1256-1507 44. The Holy Land (Israel/Palestine/Lebanon) and Crusader States, 1095-1489 45. Italy, 1000-1400 46. Holy Roman Empire (Central and Eastern Europe), 1075-1450 47. France, 1135-1450 48. Spain and Portugal, 1200-1492 49. The Low Countries, 1000-1430 50. British Isles, 1150-1450 51. Nordic Countries, 1000-1400 52. Russia, 988-1475 53. China (Liao to Yuan Dynasties), 907-1368 54. Khmer Empire and Southeast Asia, 800-1450 55. The Andes (Late Intermediate Period to Late Horizon), 1000-1532 VOL. 2 PART FIVE [1500 CE to 1800 CE] Introduction to Part Five 56. Iran (Safavid and Zand Dynasties), 1501-1794 57. Ottoman Empire, 1402-1839 58. Italian Peninsula, 1400 -1815 59. Central Europe (Holy Roman Empire), 1400-1806 60. France, 1450-1830 61. Spain and Portugal, 1492-1822 62. The Low Countries, 1450-1830 63. British Isles, 1500-1830 64. The Nordic Countries, 1450-1830 65. Russia, 1475-1830 66. Indian Subcontinent, 1400-1750 67. China (Ming and Qing Dynasties), 1368-1800 68. Korea (Joseon Dynasty), 1392-1876 69. Japan 1334-1868 70. Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, 1400-1780 71. Africa, 1400-1800 72. Central and South America, 1492-1820 73. North America, 1513-1830 PART SIX [1800 CE to 1900 CE] Introduction to Part Six 74. The Middle East, 1830-1914 75. Italian Peninsula, 1830-1914 76. Central Europe (Germany and Austro-Hungarian Empire), 1815-191 77. France, 1830-1914 78. Spain and Portugal, 1830-1910 79. Britain and Ireland, 1830-1914 80. Scandinavia/Nordic countries, 1830-1914 81. Russia, 1830-1917 82. Indian subcontinent, 1750-1947 83. China, 1800-1912 84. Korea, 1876-1945 85. Japan, 1853-1945 86. Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, 1780-1914 87. Africa, 1830-1914 8