Barack Hussein Obama - a Messenger for World Peace (e-bok)
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Barack Hussein Obama - a Messenger for World Peace (e-bok)

Barack Hussein Obama - a Messenger for World Peace (e-bok)

Laurus Nobilis Noblesse Oblige Oath -Forging World Peace, Modeling Utopian Politics for the Future

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2012-10-18
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At this point in my life span, developed under pentecostal doctrine, I believe that world Immigrants as it applies to all human beings on planet earth, crave world peace in silence but with unflinching supplications by those who take solace in the tenet that its creation is by an invisible active force I submit as God Almighty. The same God we all worship but through different religious orthodoxies.Ruefully, world peace is illusive to mankind because we distant ourselves from the Creator with adamant firmness in our spiritual understanding of the possibilty that we are actually descendants of the first pair, Adam and Eve, God created in His likeness in the Garden of Eden, which history does nor antagonize its existence once upon a time in Iraq. Hence, we become Immigrants wherever nomadic activities of ancient past mandated our sendentary habitation and thus gave birth to multiple cultures, ethnicities, religions, which particularly propels hatred within mankind, making peace unattainable.Ergo, religious conflicts, racial prejudice from which ugly manifestations of hate crimes towards one another, require divine intervention from the Creator for amicable solution. Since the morning of the first day of Y2K which was supposed to usher in descension of a Majestic Humanitarian Savior Jesus Christ, shook up my pentecostal affirmance for lack of reality of the divine visit, any human being who conjurs the three main human imperfection stigmas of dual religious attributes especially between Islam and Christianity, and multi racial blessings cum any omen to show the world how to totally forgive each other for centuries old human imperfection of racial atrocities towards each other, such person tickles my fancy for possible world peace. A person with such spiritual and natural attibutes is President Barack Hussein Obama.
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