Building Bridges of Understanding (e-bok)
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Building Bridges of Understanding (e-bok)

Building Bridges of Understanding (e-bok)

My Personal Quest for Unity and Peace

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2012-10-19
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The idea for this book began to form in my mind when, in a rather rare moment of solitude, I stood on a high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean contemplating a lovely Southern California sunset. As I gazed to the horizon at the vivid red and orange hues of the setting sun, a gentle sea breeze carried to my ears the faint whispers of my ancestors, imploring me from across the ages to pen the words that would chronicle their struggles. It seemed to me significant that their efforts, which most certainly influenced and shaped my life, would now provide me the inspiration to write this book. Thus, I made the decision to embark upon this story, which I hope will serve not only as an enduring testimonial to the trials and tribulations of my forebears, but also as a guide to inspire others to share their life experiences through the written word. In the northern part of the South American continent, in the Andean Mountainsthe longest mountain range in the worldI was born the fifth of eleven siblings. My given name is Luca Fabiola Giraldo Estrada Botero Vega Restrepo Londoo, a cultural tradition in Latin America to instill in us a sense of heritage, so we will never forget our roots going back at least three generations. This narrative contains both humorous and serious anecdotes. It includes ancient wisdom, poetry, and songs in Spanish and English that still resonate in my heart, chart the course of my life, and sustain me. The people I have met in my tireless and frequent journeys across hemispheres have transformed my life: world leaders in politics, religion, business, community building, and the arts. I especially want to share events that deeply moved me in sacred places and paid homage alongside believers, including Cistercian monks, Shamans, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Jewsall of whom contributed to and nourished my spiritual being. As a woman, an immigrant, a minority by public definition, a Latina or Hispanic, I faced many challenges in finding the courage to venture into the international business arena, and travel across the world mostly alone to follow my vision. I finally overcame them. It is far better to explore problems rather than become paralyzed by them. Spanish is my mother language and I learned English later in life. While writing this book, the two languages collided at times, as I journeyed to the depths of my heart to dig into my feelings and describe my life experiences. Discovering a new world is an adventure worthy of the many challenges. The reasons are obvious: it requires money, time, and determination, the uncertainty of a new destination, different cultures and traditions, the strangers you will meet along the way and the unexpected outcomes are part of the unknown challenges you will encounter. I have been to remote and exotic places, from the north to the south of the American continent, from the Bearing to the Magellan Straits, and across the Americas. From the east to the west of five continents crossing the Gibraltar Strait between Africa and Europe and sailing the South Pacific Islands, the Mediterranean, Indian, China, and the Caribbean Seas. To south and east of the African continent on safaris or visiting secluded villages and mountains to work on behalf of child education programs with the purpose of teaching them to survive, to preserve the environment, and to protect endangered species. My legacy and lifes mission is to contribute to humanity, to collaborate in building bridges of hope and understandingbridges between people who respect each others differences and value each others shared humanity. These are the bridges that people of all cultures must build, restore, and cross together to reach the land of unity and peace for all. My multifaceted life gave me the ...
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