Origins: Discovery (e-bok)
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Origins: Discovery (e-bok)

Origins: Discovery (e-bok)

A Story of Human Courage and Our Beginnings

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E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2014-07-13
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'Origins: Discovery' is an epic story set during the greatest conflict in history. The entire book is written in three Parts, including Part 1: The Axis Rises, Part 2: Defending the Free World, and Part 3: Discovering Humanity. Imagine a world where your foes are ultimately your friendsWhen a single decision changes everything that we knowWhere small nations are the saviour of large nationsA world embroiled in conflictA world that illuminates the humanity we all have insideThe story starts in 1930 during Soviet Communist times, exploring the challenges of life in the Armenian village of Areni. One of the villagers doesn't know she has a secret within her of monumental significance. In 1937, a single decision changes the past that we know today - an alternative history. When Japan decides to attack the Soviet Union in alliance with its Axis partners in 1941, it spells the end of the Communist nation. The United States doesn't enter the war as it did in reality, while the Axis spreads its tentacles across North Africa, Europe and Asia. The Axis Powers are victorious in World War II, but it creates a common bond among people who would otherwise be foes. Peoples of different ethnicities fight shoulder to shoulder resisting occupation, and unlikely coalitions are formed. Small nations ironically provide sanctuary for the leaders of more powerful countries. Five individuals, from small nations or remote communities, each play a key part in bringing the tale to its conclusion, although one pays the ultimate sacrifice. The heroes are ordinary people, not gun-toting musclemen. This is an unusual story, as it highlights the role of scientists that make such a difference in our everyday lives, yet no one seems to honour them. The seeds are sown for yet another global war, although the conflict and human courage are only a background to one of the most important discoveries in human history. Two threads in the story intertwine. One thread involves the conflict itself and the development of increasingly advanced technology such as nuclear weapons. The second thread involves the Origins project, which reveals a great secret about human beings. This provides a mirror to human consciousness that ultimately plays a crucial role in the fall of the Axis. The world has changed forever; as has the way in which people understand their humanity.
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  1. Amazing book - a must read
    Bjarni Stefansson, 20 oktober 2014

    I could not believe how good this book is. Usually I can easily pause a book and start again later but I could not stop reading this book until it was finished. The book is a very imaginative portrayal of human history that gives us a real insight into events before and during world war two and how the war could have gone if some decisions had been made differently. History is so fragile and minor differences in decisions can easily affect everyone on earth. Len Wicks has an amazing story-te... Läs hela recensionen

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