Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing 2017 Edition (e-bok)
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Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing 2017 Edition (e-bok)

Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing 2017 Edition (e-bok)

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2017-01-04
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Dealers, You Are in the Ecommerce Business!Before you disagree, consider that YOUR customers want you in the ecommerce business. This simple fact will drive everyone in our industry deeper and deeper into the Internet. As our industry evolves to become an ecommerce enterprise new challenges and new opportunities will arise. This book is your roadmap for success and your best defense against complacency. The content that I share will compel you to change because the opportunities will be clear. How You Can Leverage This BookThe responsibilities associated with being a Dealer Principal or General Manager are considerable, but you need to make significant strategic moves. 1. Someone in your dealership needs to understand the recommendations in this book, which we are calling the Digital Marketing Manager. 2. You must give this person your support, authority, and the resources needed to sell more cars. 3. Hold them responsible. Dealer Principals and General Managers must get more involved in the Internet side of the business, but reading this entire book will be akin to walking on a bed of hot coals. I don't expect you to read this entire book but you need to start digesting sections of its content. Identify someone in your dealership that is capable of reading this book and applying the recommendations I make to improve your online marketing strategy. You are in the ecommerce business so you need to revamp your management strategy and look at the metrics that ecommerce companies use to connect with consumers online. Each chapter of this book has specific recommendations that can improve your dealership's operations. You should meet with whomever you assign to read this book to discuss which actions they will be taking based on the content contained in each chapter. The automotive professionals that apply the knowledge in this book to their business will be well rewarded. So what are you waiting for? Pick up this book and start reading.
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