Large Turbo-Generators (e-bok)
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CRC Press
Large Turbo-Generators (e-bok)

Large Turbo-Generators (e-bok)

Malfunctions and Symptoms

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2016-09-15
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This book presents a comprehensive, ordered relationship between malfunctions and symptoms occurring in large turbogenerators. With this book, the operator and/or engineer in a generating station could identify underlying causes of a developing component degradation or a failure quicker, which could potentially save both time and money and reduce the trial-and-error troubleshooting process. Large turbogenerators are the most important source of electricity. They can be found in thousands of power stations in every country. Forced outages, failures and degradation of these very expensive machines have an enormous aggregate cost to society. As such, any tool that can ameliorate loss of production by shaving time from troubleshooting activities, and avoiding unnecessary costs by detecting and promptly responding to component degradation, represents a step forward.
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