Leadership (International Student Edition)
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Leadership (International Student Edition)

Leadership (International Student Edition)

Theory and Practice

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Translated into 12 different languages and used in 89 countries across more than 1,000 colleges, universities, and institutions worldwide, this market-leading text successfully combines an academically robust account of the major theories and models of leadership with an accessible style using practical examples that help students apply what they learn.

New to This Edition:

  • A new chapter on Adaptive Leadership explores how leaders encourage followers to adapt to tough issues and thrive in challenging environments

  • A new chapter on Psychodynamic Leadership focuses on the processes and dynamics of human behavior, providing a clinically informed approach to help leaders understand their own behavior and their followers? in order to best influence their followers.

  • New and expanded coverage on power and influence, the dark side of leadership, pseudo-transformationalleadership, stages of moral development, virtual teams, and shared leadership 

Key Features:

  • A consistent chapter structure outlines each approach and the major studies behind them, presents strengths and criticisms for each approach, and provides case studies and a self-assessment questionnaire at the end of each chapter, allowing students to easily compare and contrast the various theories.

  • Three case studies in each chapter help students to apply leadership concepts in real-world scenarios.

  • A leadership instrument and questionnaire within each chapter provide self-assessment and reflection opportunities for each theory presented.

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'I have found Peter’s books exceptionally well written, applauded by my students for its quality and readability. It immediately leads us excitingly toward the geneses of the symptoms we often treat as causal. It is direct and logical in its development. It is easy reading but by no means elementary. Finally but more importantly, it will I feel help students better understand their own needs and develop plans for further development.'

'A useable and up-to-date introduction of the psychodynamic approach that brings psychological concerns about motivation and personality into a helpful conversation with mainstream leadership theory.'

'This is a great addition to the text.  It is important for leaders to understand and meet the needs of those whom they are leading and the environment in which their interactions take place.   They must seamlessly account for all these factors in a way that is not focused on the leader him or herself, but on the context.  [The Adaptive Leadership Chapter] presents leadership through a new lens and provides an approach to leadership that was missing from previous editions.  It offers concrete practical examples that are relatable and provide context to both current and future leaders.'

'This is an excellent introductory text to the field of leadership studies. It features short, concise, readable chapters complemented by case studies and self-analyses for those wishing to apply the material. It is the first book I recommend to anyone wishing to learn more about the field and how they can improve their own leadership practices.'

“This is simply my bible for teaching on Leadership. It is informative, yet an enjoyable read and essential for lecturers and students alike. No 'module on Leadership should be without one!'

'Leadership: Theory and Practice is a scholarly examination of leadership as a dynamic, evolving, and elusive influence process with differing approaches to effectively build relationships and facilitate the achievement of goals and visions.'

'Northouse is highly readable and explains leadership material extremely well.  He then presents the strengths and weaknesses of various leadership approaches in a compelling way, yielding evidence based leadership practices.'

'Northouse’s approach to leadership provides a balanced overview of both theory and relevant application while presenting it an easy to understand format. Students will find it an excellent resource for years to come.'

'This is the ideal text for a survey course on leadership theory that also helps students put their leadership into practice.'

'A must read for anyone preparing to take a leadership position in any setting.'

'This single text has become the primary resource for our doctoral program in Educational Leadership. It provides the foundation upon which we base our program of study and encompasses the breadth of leadership t...

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Peter G. Northouse, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University. In addition to publications in professional journals, he is the author of Leadership: Theory and Practice (now in its seventh edition) and Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice (now in its third edition) and coauthor of Health Communication: Strategies for Health Professionals (now in its third edition). His scholarly and curricular interests include models of leadership, leadership assessment, ethical leadership, and leadership and group dynamics. For more than 30 years, he has taught courses in leadership, interpersonal communication, and organizational communication to both undergraduate and graduate students. Currently, he is a consultant and lecturer on trends in leadership research, leadership development, and leadership education. He holds a doctorate in speech communication from the University of Denver, and masters and bachelors degrees in communication education from Michigan State University.