L . O . V . E . (e-bok)
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L . O . V . E . (e-bok)

L . O . V . E . E-bok

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2016-04-30

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Magda Ott is a laundress. She manages the second Avenue Laundry on Manhattan's Lower East Side. It is 1977, the lowest ebb of the Lower East Side. From the Laundry to the East river, five long New York blocks, there are now no more than a dozen tenements that are not partially or entirely burned out. This is a dead zone where dealers and whores do their business. Abandoned buildings, cars and people mix. Each day Magda walks to and from work through this dangerous blight. Her own building at the far end of the area is half charred. The difference is that there she has her young son, a treasure among the ruins. The Lower East Side is peopled by the eccentric, the good and the evil. They who converge on the Second Avenue Laundry their bags in tow clamoring for Magda to make them clean. When she came here years ago she'd been on heavy drugs. For her boy she's gone clean of that. Instead she's turned to hash and acid. These days it's pot only. In her druggy time she'd had the tattoos inked in. L . O . V . E . in large letters spread across her knuckles, both hands. Standing at the laundry counter in her tough slut way, customers ask 'what are the periods for.' She says, ' Those aren't periods, honey, they're bullet holes. Better stand back. I'm armed response.'Magda is from Kansas. She's a Mennonite. The dead from home keep her company in this lonely city. For more companionship she picks three or so customers at the laundry to write notes to. She sends these to them folded up in their laundry bags. True, this hasn't worked well so far. Currently she's got three new people to try. Homer Russell, Izzy Thorn and Samson O'Flaherty. She doesn't know it, yet, but they are going to work far too well. Big trouble--terrifying and murderous--is coming for Magda. It has her name on it. To survive she'll be needing her knuckles and L . O . V . E .
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