Recent Advances in Geometric Analysis (häftad)
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New ed.
International Press of Boston Inc
260 x 184 x 12 mm
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Recent Advances in Geometric Analysis (häftad)

Recent Advances in Geometric Analysis

Häftad, Engelska, 2011-10-06
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This volume presents an account of recent advances in geometric analysis and related topics, including Ricci flow, affine normal flow, geometric analysis on pseudo-convex hypersurfaces, Alexandrov space, manifolds with special holonomy, and the singular plateau problem. These papers, many by leading experts in the field, are drawn from lectures presented at the 2007 International Conference in Geometric Analysis, held at Taiwan University. The present volume is intended for both researchers and graduate students studying geometric analysis and related areas.
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Recent Progress on Ricci Solitons - Huai-Dong Cao An Optimal Extension of Perelman's Comparison Theorem for Quadrangles and its Applications - Jianguo Cao, Bo Dai, and Jiaqiang Mei Geometric Analysis on a Family of Pseudoconvex Hypersurfaces - Der-Chen Chang and Stephen S.-T. Yau A New Proof for Faran's Theorem on Maps Between B2 and B3 - Shanyu Ji Some Notes on G2 and Spin(7) Geometry - Spiro Karigiannis Closed Type I Ancient Solutions to Ricci Flow - Lei Ni Limits of Solutions to a Parabolic Monge-Ampere Equation - John Loftin and Mao-Pei Tsui A Function Theoretic View of the Mean Field Equations on Tori - Chang-Shou Lin and Chin-Lung Wang Conformal Geometry and Special Holonomy - Siu-Cheong Lau and Naichung Conan Leung Exhaustion Functions on Complete Manifolds - Luen-Fai Tam On Singular Plateau Problem - Sumio Yamada