A Grammar of the Hittite Language
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A Grammar of the Hittite Language

A Grammar of the Hittite Language

Part 1: Reference Grammar

Mixed media product Engelska, 2008-06-01
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Hoffner and Melchert's long-awaited work is sure to become both the standard reference grammar and the main teaching tool for the Hittite language. The first volume includes a thorough description of Hittite grammar, grounded in an abundance of textual examples. Moreover, the authors take into account a vast array of studies on all aspects of the Hittite language. In the five decades since the publication of the second edition of Johannes Friedrich's Hethitisches Elementarbuch (1960), our knowledge of Hittite grammar has become more detailed and nuanced, especially because of the number of new texts available and the growing body of secondary literature. This first volume in the LANE series fills a serious gap and offers a comprehensive reference for decades to come. The second volume is a tutorial that consists of a series of graded lessons with illustrative sentences for the student to translate. The tutorial is keyed to the reference grammar and provides extensive notes. The printed grammar volume is accompanied by a CD-ROM that contains the entire text of the grammar and tutorial in searchable, cross-referenced, and hyperlinked form.
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  1. A Grammar of the Hittite Language
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  3. Proceedings of the 20th Annual UCLA Indo European Conference: October 31st and November 1st, 2008

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Preface Abbreviations and Conventional Markings General Abbreviations Bibliographical Abbreviations Introduction The Hittites and Their Language Decipherment The Text Corpus Modern Resources for Study Cuneiform Editions Commentaries Sign Lexicon Grammars Dictionaries Text Catalogues and Name Collections Chapter 1. Orthography and Phonology The Cuneiform Writing System of the Hittites Orthography Writing Conventions Transcriptional Conventions Homophony Polyphony Multivalence New Values Logogram Pronunciation Phonology Individual Phonemes (Vowels and Consonants) Vowels Consonants Phonotactics Onomatopoeia Accent Chapter 2 Noun and Adjective Formation Underived Stems Derived Stems Reduplicated Nouns and Adjectives Compounded Nouns and Adjectives Chapter 3 Noun and Adjective Inflection Inflectional Endings The Basic Scheme Common-Gender Nominative Common-Gender Accusative Neuter Nominative-Accusative Ergative Genitive Dative-Locative Vocative Allative Ablative Instrumental Stem Variation Chapter 4 Noun and Adjective Declension a-Stem Nouns Common-Gender a-Stem Nouns Neuter a-Stem Nouns a-Stem Adjectives i- and u-Stem Nouns i-Stem Nouns i-Mutation Common-Gender i-Stem Nouns Neuter i-Stem Nouns ai-Stem Nouns i-Stem Adjectives u-Stem Nouns Common-Gender u-Stem Nouns Neuter u-Stem Nouns au-Stem Nouns u-Stem Adjectives e-Stem Noun Consonantal-Stem Nouns and Adjectives -Stem Noun l-Stem Nouns al-Stem Nouns e/il-Stem Nouns ul-Stem Nouns n-Stem Nouns Neuter n-Stem Nouns Common-Gender n-Stem Nouns r-Stem Nouns and Adjectives s-Stem Nouns t-Stem Nouns and Adjectives Simple t-Stem Nouns nt-Stem Nouns and Adjectives r/n-Stem Nouns Non-Derived r/n-Stem Nouns Derived Nouns with Suffix -atar Derived Nouns with Suffix -essar Derived Nouns with Suffix -awar Derived Nouns with Suffix -mar Verbal Substantives Irregular Consonant-Stem Nouns Chapter 5 Personal Pronouns Distinctive Features of Pronominal Stems and Endings Accented (Independent) Personal Pronouns Enclitic Personal Pronouns Chapter 6 Possessive Pronouns Chapter 7 Deixis: The Demonstratives ka- and apa- asi, uni, ini anni- Adverbs Built to Demonstratives Chapter 8. Relative and Indefinite Pronouns The Interrogative and Relative Pronoun kui- The Indefinite Pronoun kuiski and the Distributive kuissa Other Stems with Partial Pronominal Inflection Chapter 9 Numbers Form and Declension of the Cardinals 'One' 'Two' to 'Ten' The Syntax of the Cardinals Agreement in Case Number Agreement with Non-Collectives Counting Non-Decimal Sets Word Order in Counting Fractions Ordinal Numbers Ordinals in -t- Multiplicatives Distributives Derivative Adjectives and Verbs Numbers in Compounds Compound Numbers Chapter 10. Verb Formation Reduplicated Roots Verbal Suffixes and Infixes Overview The Individual Suffixes Chapter 11 Verb Inflection Types of Verbal Inflection Irregularities in the mi-Conjugation Irregularities in the hi-Conjugation Medio-Passive Endings Verbal Substantive, Participle, Infinitive, and Supine Chapter 12 Conjugation of mi-Verbs Consonantal Stems Root Stems Affixed Stems Vocalic Stems Ablauting Non-Ablauting Suppletive Verb Verbs with Mixed Stems Chapter 13 Conjugation of hi-Verbs Consonantal Stems Vocalic Stems a-Stems Stems Originally in -Cw- ai-Stems Stems with Mixed Inflection in -a- and -i- Verbs with the Imperfective Suffix -anna/i- Mixture of mi- and hi-Forms Chapter14 Medio-Passive Conjugation Consonantal Stems Vocalic Stems Chronology of the Medio-Passive Endings Medio-Passive Stem Formatio