A Woman's Decision (häftad)
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4 Rev ed
CRC Press Inc
175 black & white illustrations
203 x 127 x 31 mm
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A Woman's Decision (häftad)

A Woman's Decision

Breast Care, Treatment & Reconstruction

Häftad Engelska, 2011-07-22
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Answers to your patients' most vital, heartfelt questions! For years, A Woman's Decision has been the "go-to" reference for doctors, nurses, and patients as they deal with the physical and emotional trauma surrounding breast cancer and reconstruction. Co-authored by renowned surgeons and a noted publisher and medical editor, this popular and authoritative book has become a trusted resource and valuable patient education tool. Featured on numerous national talk shows (including Oprah), the authors candidly discuss the full range of breast care, breast cancer treatment, and breast reconstructive options. Many doctors and breast centers use this book as their preferred method of informed consent. Patients love it, and breast centers, support groups, physicians, and societies recommend it. It is also a great gift for your surgical, oncologic, and radiologic colleagues. This new fourth edition has been totally revised and updated to reflect the latest developments in breast cancer treatment and recent advances in breast reconstruction. Written in an accessible manner, it provides women and their families with the information they need to make decisions about their own health care. Best of all, it takes complex and frightening topics and explains them in an understandable and non-threatening manner, providing women with the knowledge they need to feel confident in their decisions, their therapies, and their caregivers. It covers doctor-patient communication, mammography and breast self-examination, breast lumps, cancer facts and treatment options, and even the effects of breast cancer on relationships with family and friends. New information has been added on genetics and genetic counseling, oncoplastic surgery, new approaches to chemotherapy and breast irradiation, and new breast reconstruction techniques, including perforator flap reconstruction, reconstruction with the newer gel-filled implants, and prophylactic or preventive mastectomy. In addition to descriptions of the different cancer therapies and reconstructive techniques, the book includes numerous drawings which detail the steps involved for each procedure with preoperative and postoperative photos showing the possible results from the different reconstructive approaches. Fifteen patient interviews provide comfort to patients as they ride the physical and emotional roller coaster of breast cancer treatment, recovery, and reconstruction. Each woman has a unique story to tell with a different focus for each interview and coverage of a wide range of different reconstructive options. Many readers have commented that these interviews were "lifesavers" for them because they took away the fear of the unknown. They were reassured by the comments of other women who had walked in their shoes and offered advice to help cope with their treatments. They also appreciated the candid comments these women made about the different reconstructive therapies, fully sharing their experiences and detailing their decisions, therapies, pain, recuperation, complications, and coping mechanisms. If you know someone who is experiencing the fear and trauma of breast cancer, do her a favor and order this book. A Woman's Decision has become a preferred patient education tool used by plastic surgeons, cancer surgeons, and breast cancer centers worldwide. This sensitive and information-packed book promotes better doctor-patient communication and helps you provide informed consent to your patients, saving you time and money.
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"This remarkable and informative book ... will help women deal with the fear and reality of breast cancer by enabling them to become informed participants in the treatment planning process." -Charles M. Balch, MD, Johns Hopkins University "A timely book that should be read by every woman." -The Los Angeles Times "All plastic surgeons who deal with conditions of the breast should have this book available for themselves, their office staff, and their patients. Its gift involves a caring yet cost-effective office expense for any patient entering the troubled waters of breast cancer discovery." -Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery "Because of its minimal cost, clear presentation, and comprehensive coverage of breast cancer and its treatment, this book should be recommended to every woman who suffers from breast cancer. Although beneficial to every physician, it also has particular value for the plastic surgeon who devotes time to breast reconstruction." -Annals of Plastic Surgery "...an excellent resource for women considering reconstructive surgery. The chapters on reconstruction provide a concise assessment of the risks and benefits of surgery. In contrast to the medical viewpoints found in these chapters, the stories of 14 women who underwent reconstruction add a personal dimension not usually found in other books on the topic." -Doody's Journal "At last! A book that deals with the whole spectrum of breast surgery for benign and malignant disease, that has something for all who are involved." -British Journal of Plastic Surgery


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