The Purposeful Universe (häftad)
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The Purposeful Universe (häftad)

The Purposeful Universe

How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life

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Häftad Engelska, 2009-10-13
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Using recent findings within cosmology, coupled with his broad understanding of the Mayan Calendar, biologist, Carl Johan Calleman, offers a revolutionary and fully developed alternative to Darwin's theory of biological evolution - and the theory of randomness that holds sway over modern science. He shows how the recently discovered central axis of the universe correlates with the Tree of Life of the ancients. This provides an entirely new context for physics in general and especially for the origin and evolution of life and suggests that we look upon ourselves as parts of a hierarchy of systems that are all interrelated and evolve in a synchroniSed way. Calleman's research demonstrates that life did not just accidentally "pop up" on our planet, but that Earth was a place specifically tagged for this. He demonstrates how the Mayan Calendar describes different quantum states of the Tree of Life and presents a new explanation for the origin and evolution of consciousness. Calleman uses his scientific background in biology and cosmology to show that the idea of the Purposeful Universe is real. He explains not only how DNA but, also, entire organisms have emerged in the image of the Tree of Life, a theory that has wide-ranging consequences not only for medicine but, also, for the origin of sacred geometry and the human soul. With this new theory of biological evolution the divide between science and religion disappears. * Shows how the evolution of the universe emanates from the cosmic tree of life * Explains the origin and evolution of biological life and consciousness and how this is directed
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"Together with Dr. Calleman's two previous books on the Mayan Calendar, this book is for me like the last piece of the puzzle. I think I have been waiting for this book since I was a child gazing at the stars, wondering." * Bente Brunvoll, March 2010 * "Inherent in Dr. Calleman's unified theory of physical and biological evolution is the notion that, contrary to the scientific norm, the universe does have purpose, direction, and meaning and is imbued with beauty and intelligence. . . . This is biology with soul." * Nexus New Times Magazine, Vol. 17, No.2, Feb/Mar 2010 * "Between the simplicity of religion and the absurdity of an empty randomness, Carl Johan Calleman here proposes to us a brilliant but plausible third way: The Tree of Life. Here we have finally a modern theory of the origin and evolution of life that unifies the most recent discoveries of science with ancient wisdom. Without ever imposing God on us, this great book brings agnostics like myself to face the evidence." * Jean-Claude Perez, Ph.D., author of Codex Biogenesis: les 13 codes de I'AND [The 13 Codes of D *

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Carl Johan Calleman holds a Ph.D. in physical biology from the University of Stockholm. He has been a senior researcher at the University of Washington and has served as a cancer expert for the World Health Organization. He is, also, a leading expert on the Mayan Calendar and is the author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness and The Mayan Calendar.


Preface 1 The Universe Is Not Homogeneous--And It Never Was! The Old Big Bang Theory and the Cosmological Principle The Discovery of the "Axis of Evil" The New Big Bang Theory and Hunab-Ku The Physical Constants of the Universe The Theory of Everything and the Organizational Hierarchy of Life 2 Time and the Calendars of the Maya The Two Aspects of Time The Maya and Their Relationship to Time A Brief History of the Maya The Pyramidal Structure of the Nine Underworlds Thirteen Heavens The Acceleration of Time A Preliminary Test of the Tree of Life Hypothesis 3 Basic Questions Regarding Biological Evolution The Historical Background to the Idea of Evolution Darwin's Theory of Biological Evolution Random Mutations Are Rarely Benign Biological Change Is Rarely Gradual Quantum Jumps in Biological Evolution as Evidence of Intelligent Design Biological Evolution Increases the Complexity of Organisms 4 The Tree of Life Hypothesis The Cellular Underworld The Wave Movement of Multicellular Speciation: The Mammalian Underworld The Anthropoid and Human Underworlds The Periodic System of Biological Evolution Created in the Image of the Cosmos 5 The Constants of Nature Are Not Fine-tuned for Life by Accident The Evolution of Metallicity in the Cellular Underworld Galaxies and the Mystery of "Dark Matter" A New Basic Constant of Nature Defining the Rhythms of Evolution The Fine-tuning of the Forces of Physics to the Orbit of the Earth An End to the Fuzziness of Quantum Physics 6 The Wider Context of Biological Evolution The Quantum States of the Cosmic Tree of Life and the Evolution of the Universe Entanglement The Sexual Polarity of the Galaxy The Continental Drift and the Lateralized Brain in a Galactic Context Mass Extinctions Common Descent? Is Anybody Out There? 7 The Biochemical Basis of Biological Evolution A New Definition of Life as a Basis for Understanding Its Origin The Chemistry of Life Corkscrewing Life into Existence The Conscious Seeing by Halos and the Metabolism of Cells The Panspermia of Cellular Wave Forms 8 A New Theory of Biological Evolution From Unicellular to Multicellular Organisms The Organismic Wave Form The Cytoskeleton and the Development of Multicellular Organisms The Centriole and Its Role in Evolution 9 A Biology with Soul The Cellular Tree of Life The Origins of Beauty in Sacred Geometry Is God a Mathematician? Toward a Unified Medicine Toward a Reunification of Science and Spirit The Return of the Soul Glossary Notes Bibliography About the Author Index