Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies (häftad)
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Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies (häftad)

Before Our Very Eyes, Fake Wars and Big Lies

From 9/11 to Donald Trump

Häftad Engelska, 2019-02-22
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World-famous political analyst and editor Thierry Meyssan has lived the last 10 years in the thick of the action in Syria and Libya, even serving personally as an adviser to those governments. In "Before Our Very Eyes," he shares the inside story of the 21st century regime change wars. He lays bare the "Arab Spring," the "revolutions" against Gaddafi and Assad, and the rapid rise of the jihadist monster ISIS, as masked operations of the US empire, "leading from behind."

"Before Our Very Eyes" chronicles the onslaught against Syria and Libya from the viewpoints of three camps: the foolish ambitions of the French neocolonialists, the fanaticism of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the lust for world domination of the Anglo-Zionist-American Empire.

The Anglo-American axis (the US, UK, and Israel discreetly behind the scenes) deployed  their stranglehold on the world's money and media to purvey a fake narrative of human rights violations.

This was the cover story for the real scheme: to utterly disable the Muslim world by bringing it under the sword of fanatics like the Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Vassal regimes like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the Emirates were assigned to do the heavy lifting.

For public relations purposes, the US pretended to fight half-heartedly against ISIS ? which in fact it had intentionally created in Iraq, to divide and conquer the insurgency. The US then covertly ferried the terrorists into Libya and Syria. It continues to prop up ISIS by devious means.

Thus the wars on Libya and Syria were based on treachery and fakery from start to finish ? but the suffering of millions of innocent victims is all too real. A most murderous masquerade!
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extraordinary, a real initiation into politics, easy to read.

Fascinating panorama of geopolitics by an incorruptible eyewitness.

Very enlightening. Reads like a novel, with facts far stranger than fiction ... A manual of real insight into our “elites” and media.

What our media will never dare reveal. An absolute must read. To share and give to friends.

Eye-opening. A striking analysis of the charade! For 20 years the American Deep State and its British, French, Israeli and Saudi vassals foment coups and wars behind the mask of color revolutions and Islamic terrorism. It’s crystal clear, frightening, and unforgettable!

Reveals the true underpinnings of world geopolitics...

An author persecuted for his ideas, yet a remarkably well-informed insider… some pages read like major “intelligence” service reports.

Astounding truths! This is a really disturbing book but it shows how much we are manipulated by the globalist Atlanto-Zionist oligarchy which controls all the media of our lovely Western democracies!

Absolute must read. A shocking alternative to our usual media.

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Övrig information

Thierry Meyssan shocked the world with the first "9/11 Truth" books, his L'Effroyable Imposture in March 2002 (9/11: The Big Lie), and a sequel, Pentagate.

In the 1990's he was national secretary of a French radical party which held seats in the government. He is the founder of the Voltaire Network, a major alternative international press agency. In 2005, he organized the Axis for Peace, a congress of international leaders and writers opposing illegal wars.

In 2007, he was forced into exile and settled in the Middle East, where he has witnessed and participated in history in the making. He has been called France's most controversial public figure, and is the only Western observer to remain on the scene in Libya and Syria during the entire conflict.

In 2011 Meyssan went to Tripoli and was appointed by Gaddafi to mobilize international support against the aggression that would destroy the Libyan republic; but the NATO onslaught came too quickly, and he narrowly escaped with his life. He is currently consultant to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government, and has been close to heads of state like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.



part one: the "arab spring" as seen from paris

jacques chirac, "the arab"

nicolas sarkozy, american agent

the preparation for the invasions of libya and syria

the beginning of the war against libya

the start of the war against syria

the common points between the operations in libya and in syria

the fall of the libyan arab jamahiriya

the transfer of libyan combatants to syria

syria - the 4th generation war

françois hollande and the return of the colonial party

the second war against syria

the "red line"


the syrian people declares itself

daesh and the caliphate

the russian intervention

macron the undecided

provisional balance sheet

part two: the "arab spring" as experienced by the muslim brotherhood

the egyptian muslim brotherhood

the brotherhood reinstated by the anglo-saxons, and the separate peace with israel

towards the constitution of an internationale for jihad

the islamists controlled by the pentagon

the fusion of the two "gladio" networks and the preparation of daesh

the beginnings of the "arab spring" in tunisia

the "arab spring" in egypt

no to revolution in bahrain and yemen

the "arab spring" in libya

the "arab spring" in syria

the end of the "arab spring" in egypt

the war against syria

daesh and the caliphate

the liquidation of daesh

part three: the "arab springs" organised by washington and london

us supremacy

the collapse of 11 september

who governs the united states?

washington's strategy

the wars against afghanistan and iraq


the extension of the war

direction - the "arab spring"!

the war against lebanon

the baker-hamilton commission

the war against the shiites will not be held in lebanon

the aborted war against iran

state terror

the obama presidency

the colour revolution in iran

leading from behind

the ivory coast test

phase i - tunisia

phase ii - egypt

phase iii - libya

phase iv - syria

the role of mi6

the syrian state and bashar al-assad

the rapprochement between washington and teheran

the israeli-saudi tandem

qatar's opportunism

the instability of turkey and ukraine

organised migrations used as weapons of war

the plan of the us deep state against syria

the myth of international justice

the implementation of the feltman plan

the jihadists, a powerful land army

operation "timber sycamore"

the manipulation of the kurdish question

russia's intervention

the intervention of china

the damascene spirit

epilogue: the trump insurrection


update: recent essays