Our Lady of Mojo (e-bok)
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Our Lady of Mojo (e-bok)

Our Lady of Mojo E-bok

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2014-07-15
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The year is 1928. May Skinner Bell has serious problems. She feels deeply the evil of the Alabama plantation where she, her husband and sons have fallen to. The family is very poor although May's enchanted beauty and education keep them separate from the nearby town. May was raised in Indian Territory by French nuns. Her friend and tutor was an old ex-slave and soldier. This gives May two natures. The result is a troubled young woman given to frightening rages and eccentric visions. Surrounding her is the plantation community of black workers, in desperate circumstances, and the Klan. The Klan never forgets that May's grandfather served as a Union soldier. Those whites around never forget that he was murdered by them on his return. From Murder to murder, violence to violence, May must cope with fear, ignorance and hate. Voodoo gives her Mojo, a gift which helps her survive and stay faithful to her family.
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