Statutes and conventions on international trade law (e-bok)
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Statutes and conventions on international trade law (e-bok)

Statutes and conventions on international trade law (e-bok)

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2003-10-20
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The study of international trade law requires access to a wide range of materials, many of which are not easily accessible. The purpose of this book is to provide students with those documents which they are likely to be referred to in courses on this subject. This book provides extracts from statutes and conventions, all of which have been reproduced in their amended and updated form. This book is essential for students on international trade courses. New material for this edition includes the United Nations Conventions on the Liability of Operators of Transport Terminals in International Trade (1991), the Model Law on Electronic Signatures (2001) and the Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation (2003), all drafted by UNCITRAL. Also included are the Montreal Convention 1999, the CIM 1999 and the Cybercrime Convention, 2001. A number of statutes have been amended, including the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, the Carriage by Air Act 1961 (incorporating the Montreal Convention), the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act 1982 (to take account of the `Brussels Regulation`) and the Civil Procedure Rules (replacing RSC Order 111). New statutes and regulations include the Electronic Communications Act, 2000, the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Order 2001 and the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Law Applicable to Contracts of Insurance) Regulations 2001. Finally, the two EC Directives on electronic commerce have been included in their final versions. A new section has been added on Standard Trading Conditions.
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