Justice in Political Philosophy (inbunden)
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Justice in Political Philosophy (inbunden)

Justice in Political Philosophy

Inbunden Engelska, 1992-01-01
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This two volume set presents the key literature on the contending schools of justice which have dominated contemporary political philosophy. Justice in Political Philosophy focuses in particular on the wide range of positions and debates which have emerged since the publication of John Rawls's A Theory of Justice in 1971. Each view is presented through a representative selection of the major articles by both its proponents and critics. The schools covered include utilitarianism, liberal egalitarianism, libertarianism and their Marxist, communitarian and feminist critics. The authors represented include such influential figures as Rawls, Nozick, Dworkin, Cohen, Gauthier, Harsanyi, Barry, Sandel, MacIntyre, Gilligan and Mackinnon. The editor's introduction explores the interrelations between these diverse theories and shows how there are considerable convergences as well as disagreements in the contemporary debates over justice.
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'Each volume has a clearly written and helpful introduction to the various argument and counter-arguments presented in more detail in the body of the work, and the collection will provide an excellent foundation text for a course on this subject at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.' -- Theological Book Review

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Edited by Will Kymlicka, Queen's University, Canada


Justice in Political Philosophy by Will Kymlicka Mainstream Theories of Justice Part I UNITY AND DIVERSITY WITHIN THE MAIN APPROACHES TO JUSTICE 1. Ronald Dworkin (1983), 'Comment on Narveson: In Defense of Equality.' 2. James P. Sterba (1986), 'Recent Work on Alternative Conceptions of Justice.' Part III THE CRITIQUE OF UTILITARIANISM A Rawl's Critique 3. John Rawls (1972), 'Classical Utilitarianism.' B Rethinking Utilitarianism 4. R.M. Hare (1978), 'Justice and Equality.' 5. James Griffin (1984), 'Towards a Substantive Theory of Rights.' 6. Will Kymlicka (1988), 'Rawls on Teleology and Deontology.' 7. Ronald Dworkin (1985), 'Rights: Trumphs over Utility.' Part III LIBERAL EQUALITY A The Social Contract Argument 8. John Rawls (1972), 'The Main Idea of the Theory of Justice' and 'The Original Position and Justification.' 9. Jean Hampton (1980), 'Contracts and Choices: Does Rawls have a Social Contract Theory?' 10. Brian Barry (1973), 'The Derivation of the Maximin Criterion.' 11. T.M. Scanlon (1982), 'Contractualism and Utilitarianism.' B Fairness and Morally Arbitrary Inequalities 12. John Rawls (1972), 'Two Principles of Justice.' 13. Ronald Dworkin (1981), 'What is Equality? Part 2: Equality of Resources.' 14. Richard Arneson (1989), 'Equality and Equal Opportunity for Welfare.' 15. Joseph H. Carens (1985), 'Compensatory Justice and Social Institutions.' Part IV LIBERTARIANISM 16. Robert Nozick ( 1974), 'Distributive Justice.' 17. G.A. Cohen (1986), 'Self-Ownership, World-Ownership and Equality.' 18. G.A. Cohen (1986), 'Self-Ownership, World-Ownership and Equality, Part II.' 19. J.H. Bogart (1985), 'Lockean Provisos and State of Nature Theories.' 20. Susan Moller Okin (1989), 'Libertarianism: Matriarchy, Slavery and Dystopia.' B The Most Extensive Liberty 21. Charles Fried (1983), 'Distributive Justice.' 22. G A Cohen (1979), 'Capitalism, Freedom and the Proletariat.' 23. John Gray (1989), 'Against Cohen on Proletarian Unfreedom.' 24. Onora O'Neill (1980), 'The Most Extensive Liberty.' C Mutual Advantage Contractarianism 25. Gilbert Harman (1983), 'Justice and Moral Bargaining.' 26. David Gauthier (1986), 'The initial Bargaining Position: Rights and the Proviso.' 27. Gilbert Harman (1988), 'Rationality in Agreement: A Commentary on Gauthier's Morals by Agreement.' 28. Brian Barry (1989), 'Justice and Motivation.' 29. Allen Buchanan (1990), 'Justice as Reciprocity versus Subject- Centred Justice.' Volume II Critiques and Alternatives Part I MARXISM A The Critique of Justice 1. Allen Wood (1981), 'Marx and Equality. 2. Steven Lukes (1985), Marxism and Morality. B Exploitation 3. Nancy Holmstrom (1977), 'Exploitation.' 4. G.A. Cohen (1990), 'The Labour Theory of Value and the Concept of Exploitation.' 5. Richard J. Arneson (1981), 'What's Wrong with Exploitation?' 6. John E. Roemer (1982), 'Property Rights vs. Surplus Value in Marxian Exploitation.' 7. Jeffrey Reiman (1987), 'Exploitation, Force and the Moral Assessment of Capitalism: Thoughts on Roemer and Cohen.' 8. G.A. Cohen (1990), 'Marxism and Contemporary Political Philosophy, or: Why Nozick Exercises some Marxists more than he does any Egalitarian Liberals.' C Alienation 9. Adina Schwartz (1982), 'Meaningful Work.' 10. Richard J. Arneson (1987), 'Meaningful Work and Market Socialism.' PART II COMMUNITARIANISM A The Critique of Justice 11. Michael J. Sandel (1982), Liberalism and the Limits of Justice, 28-35. 12. C. Edwin Baker (1985), 'Sandel on Rawls: Justice as a Vice.' B Justice and Shared Meanings 13. Michael Walzer (1983), 'Complex Equality.' 14. Joshua Cohen (1986), 'Review of Spheres of Justice.' C Justice and the Common Good 15. Charles Taylor (1985), 'Atomism.' 16. Allen E. Buchanan (1989), 'Assessing the Communitarian Critique of Liberalism.' 17. Michael Walzer (1990), 'The Communitarian Critique of Liberalism.' PART III FEMINISM A Sexual Discrimination 18. Catherine A. MacKinnon (1984), 'Difference and Dominan