Culture, Society And Sexuality
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Culture, Society And Sexuality

Culture, Society And Sexuality

A Reader

Paperback / Softback Engelska, 1998-01-01
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Since the beginnings of time, people have been interested in sex - the form it takes, the pleasure it can give, the circumstances in which it occurs, and what it means - both for the individuals concerned and to society more generally. Often seen as a synonym for love, sometimes as an expression of power, and infrequently as a means of exploitation and abuse, sex is a complex and multi-faceted aspect of human behaviour that has been written about by numerous writers and theorists worldwide. This book offers an introduction to the central debates in sexuality research. Among the issues examined are the social and cultural dimensions of sex, human sexuality and sex research. It should be of use to students of sociology, cultural studies, and health and behavioural studies.
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1. Introduction Richard Parker & Peter Aggleton Section I: Culture, Society and Sexuality: Part 1: Conceptual Frameworks: 2. Sexual Matters: On Conceptualizing Sexuality in History Robert A. Padgug; 3. Sexual Scripts William Simon & John H. Gagnon; 4. Anthropology Rediscovers Sexuality: A Theoretical Comment Carole S. Vance; Part 2: Gender and Power: 5. Gender as a Useful Category of Historical Analysis Joan Wallach Scott; 6. 'Gender' for a Marxist Dictionary: The Sexual Politics of a Word Donna J. Haraway; 7. 'That We Should All Turn Queer?': Homosexual Stigma in the Making of Manhood and the Breaking of a Revolution in Nicaragua Roger N. Lancaster; Part 3: From Gender to Sexuality: 8. Discourse, Desire and Sexual Deviance: Some Problems in a History of Homosexuality Jeffrey Weeks; 9. Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality Gayle S. Rubin; 10. 'The Unclean Motion of the Generative Parts': Frameworks in Western Thought on Sexuality Robert W. Connell & Gary W. Dowsett; Part 4: Sexual Idenities/Sexual Communities: 11. Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence Adrienne Rich; 12. The Hijras of India: Cultural and Individual Dimensions of an Institutionalized Third Gender Role Serena Nanda; 13. Capitalism and Gay Identity John D'Emilio; Section II: Sexuality, Sexual Meanings and HIV/AIDS: Part 5: Sexual Classifications: 14. 'Within Four Walls': Brazilian Sexual Culture and HIV/AIDS Richard Parker; 15. Silences: 'Hispanics', AIDS, and Sexual Practices Ana Maria Alonso & Maria Teresa Koreck; 16. HIV, Heroin and Heterosexual Relations Stephanie Kane; Part 6: Sexual Meanings and HIV/AIDS Prevention: 17. Prostitution Viewed Cross-culturally: Toward Recontextualizing Sex Work in AIDS Intervention Research Barbara O. de Zalduondo; 18. Sexual Diversity, Cultural Analysis, and AIDS Education in Brazil Richard Parker; 19. Sexuality, Identity and Community: The Experience of MESMAC Katie Deverell & Alan Prout; Part 7: Sexual Representations and the Politics of AIDS: 20. AIDS, Homophobia and Biomedical Discourse: An Epidemic of Signification Paula Treichler; 21. Inventing 'African AIDS' Cindy Patton; 22. Safer Sex as Community Practice Simon Watney; Part 8: Methodological Approaches: 23. Sexual Culture, HIV Transmission, and AIDS Research Richard G. Parker, Gilbert Herdt & Manuel Carballo; 24. Mapping Terra Incognita: Sex Research for AIDS Prevention - An Urgent Agenda for the 1990s Ralph Bolton; 25. Feminist Methodology and Young People's Sexuality Janet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Sharpe & Rachel Thomson