Hitler'S Swedes (inbunden)
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Hitler'S Swedes (inbunden)

Hitler'S Swedes

A History of the Swedish Volunteers in the Waffen-Ss

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Inbunden Engelska, 2015-01-28
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Sweden was neutral during the Second World War, but despite this, thousands of Swedes wanted to participate in the war - the largest group in Finland, where over 10,000 Swedes applied to fight against the Red Army. Another much smaller group which saw action against the same enemy was the Swedish SS volunteers. While the Danish and Norwegian SS volunteers are fairly well known today, their Swedish counterparts remain more unknown. Still, they saw action on both the Eastern Front and NW Europe, and participated in some of the bloodiest clashes: the initial stages of Operation Barbarossa, the winter of 1941/42, the battles of Kursk, Arnhem, Normandy, Narva, the Warsaw uprising, the Cherkassy and Kurland pockets and, finally, the end in Berlin. Compared to many other groups of volunteers, there was never an official recruitment drive in Sweden, which is why only some 180-200 men enlisted. Those who wanted to recruit themselves often had to make their way to the occupied countries - a fact which makes those Swedes who joined the SS volunteers in the truest sense. As such, this book is as much a history about the units which the Swedes served in, as it is a story about the individuals themselves. It also asks, who were they? What motivated them? What did they experience and how did their service end? With the help of diaries, letters, interviews, police interrogations and German documents from both private and official archives, the history of the Swedish SS volunteers is reconstructed: The main focus is on those who served at the front, including volunteers in the 'Wiking', 'Nordland', 'Nord' divisions, minor units such as the Den Norske Legion, SS-Panzer-Brigade 'Gross' and the war correspondents of the SS-Standarte 'Kurt Eggers'. Also included are the Swedish non-combatants in the SS, such as the desk clerks within the SS-Hauptamt and security service personal of the RSHA. The book includes over 150 photos, everything from civilian photos, portraits from the men's time in the SS, pictures taken in the field, post-war photos and documents. Most are from the private albums of the volunteers and many are previously unpublished. Thoroughly researched from primary sources, and providing plenty of absorbing detail, this book is a valuable addition to the history of the SS, and the men who volunteered to serve in it.
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  1. Mycket info och bra bilder!
    Anders, 25 juli 2016

    Genomgående riktigt bra information, något stel Engelska men rekommenderar ett köp!
    Till och med bilder jag inte sett innan!
    Intressant Svensk krigshistoria.

  2. Bristfällig översättning
    Smalanningen, 16 februari 2016

    Tyvärr förtas läsglädjen av stora brister i översättningen till engelska. Ibland är det så illa att man får känslan att översättningen skett med hjälp av ett översättningsprogram typ google translate. Finns även en del faktafel, ibland är det dock svårt att avgöra om dessa är orsakade av bristerna i översättning. Boken behandlar ett mycket intressant ämne och det ligger sannolikt mycket arbete bakom boken, därför är det olyckligt att den skall lida av en bristfällig översättning. Boken har ty... Läs hela recensionen

  3. Bra!
    Johan Persson, 4 februari 2015

    Fantastiskt bra och heltäckande bok om SS-svenskarna. Han har samlat allt det viktiga och fått med mycket nytt inom genren. Hoppas på mer ifrån denna författare!

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Lars Larsson is a Swedish law school student from Stockholm, where he was born and raised. He has been interested in the Second World War since he was a child, an interest he traces back to his father. He began to specialise in the Waffen SS when he was about 12 years old, particularly when he found out there had been Swedish volunteers within their ranks. A few years later he started to research the subject in depth, and this book, which is his first, is the result of about seven years of archival research. Apart from his own research, he has also assisted several other authors with their works, including two books about the Estonian SS volunteers, one about the Nordland Division, and one about Norwegian SS officers. Besides studying, he's also currently working at the Swedish Library of Military History as a project manager. Whatever time he has left the end of the day, he enjoys spending with his family.