The Mediterranean diet for beginners (häftad)
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The Mediterranean diet for beginners (häftad)

The Mediterranean diet for beginners

Discover the secrets to lose weight in just 30 days diets with a meal plan and simple recipes, easy and healthy enjoy your food every day

Häftad,  Engelska, 2020-11-07


<p><em><b>If you've always wanted to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner and have heard that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets out and are excited to adopt it to shed those unwanted pounds while enjoying some of the most delicious foods like pizza, hummus, seafood and the likes, keep reading...</b></em></p><p>You are about to discover the best way to implement the Mediterranean diet to lose weight and improve your health!</p><p>Are you sick and tired of living a restricted life and not being able to get through your daily activities without straining because of your ever-increasing weight?</p><p>Have you tried endless other solutions to shed some fat to boost your health and improve your mobility but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks or months?</p><p>Do you finally want to say goodbye to the mounting self-hate, worrying about potential illnesses as well as experiencing poor physical performance and low productivity, and discover something, which works for you?</p><p>If so, then you've come to the right place.</p><p>You see, losing weight naturally, progressively and sustainably doesn't have to be difficult.</p><p>In fact, it's easier than you think.</p><p><br>Which means you can lose weight and improve your health without going through the pain of radical diets or overhyped intense weight loss strategies and risking negative results or health problems.</p><p>If questions like...</p><p>What exactly does Mediterranean dieting entail?</p><p>How do I make the switch from what I have been eating to a Mediterranean friendly way of eating?</p><p>How would I tell apart common myths and facts?</p><p>How else can I benefit from the Mediterranean diet?</p><p>How would I prepare healthy Mediterranean diet meals?</p><p>How can I increase the odds of success with the Mediterranean diet?</p><p>And many others are going through your mind, this book is here to answer them all to give you a doubtless and informed standpoint when you start.</p><p>Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in this book:</p><ul><li>The basics of the Mediterranean diet, including what its, what it does, what it entails, how it works and more</li><li>How the diet has evolved over the years to become what it is today</li><li>How the traditional food pyramid compares with the Mediterranean diet pyramid</li><li>How to make the change to the Mediterranean diet</li><li>What to eat while on a Mediterranean diet</li><li>What to avoid eating while on a Mediterranean diet</li><li>The facts and myths surrounding the Mediterranean diet</li><li>The science-backed benefits that come with following the Med...

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My name is Alexander Phenix,

I became an independent writer, let me describe my short life .....

Well, I took that saying 100% literally. That's why after 14 years at my corporate office job, I quit. I'm aware that's a pretty crazy thing to do (my friends and colleagues would agree). But I just couldn't take it anymore.

I love Health and fitness.

It's the only thing I ever seem to think about. So I took some time to think about how I can actually do it for a living. I was so freaking lost for about a month. But then it hit me...

Let's try writing books about Health and fitness.

I thought to myself, "writing sounds challenging but c'mon, I've always liked a good challenge. And a challenge about Heath and fitness where I can research, learn, try it out myself, share with it other people and just be surrounded by it 24/7. I'm in!"

So that's how we got to this very point in time.

Haha It's funny how things work sometimes.

God Life!

Alexander Phenix


introduction 11

chapter 1: what is the mediterranean diet? 19

mealtimes are a social event 23

physical activity 24

chapter 2: where did the mediterranean diet come from? 27

ancel keys 28

the food pyramid vs. the mediterranean diet pyramid 32

chapter 3: what do you eat on the mediterranean diet? 37

vegetables 37

fruits 40

healthy oils and fats 41

legumes 42

whole grains 43

fish 44

dairy 45

poultry 46

red meat 46

chapter 4: what foods are not allowed on the mediterranean diet? 48

added sugar 49

refined grains 50

refined oils 52

processed meat 55

chapter 5: myths and facts of the mediterranean diet 58

myth 1: the mediterranean diet is expensive 58

myth 2: mediterraneans drink red wine in large quantities, so drinking hard liquor should be fine 59

myth 3: the mediterranean diet encourages large servings of pasta and breads 60

myth 4: the mediterranean diet is just like any other diet; it only focuses on the food you eat 60

myth 5: the mediterranean diet cannot be followed outside of the mediterranean 61

myth 6: the mediterranean diet is a high-fat diet 62

myth 7: the mediterranean diet is not something you can follow for a long time 63

myth 8: you won't lose weight on the mediterranean diet 64

myth 9: but people in the mediterranean eat plenty of junk food 64

myth 10: following the mediterranean diet means you can eat much bigger meals 65

chapter 6: what are the benefits of a mediterranean diet? 67

heart health and reduced risk of stroke 67

reduces age-related muscle and bone weakness 69

reduces the risk of alzheimer's 70

reduces risk of parkinson's disease 73

protects against type 2 diabetes 75

additional benefits 78

chapter 7: how to make the change 83

breakfast is essential 83

eat plenty of vegetables 85

include seafood in your meals at least twice a week 86

enjoy dairy moderately 87

enjoy dessert 88

eat healthy fats 89

stock up on spices and herbs 91

grow your own 92

chapter 8: the best mediterranean diet breakfasts 94

caprese poached eggs 95

sauted greens and eggs 99

breakfast pizza 102

caprese on sourdough 105

mediterranean inspired breakfast quinoa 107

eggs florentine 110

shakshuka 113

egg white breakfast sandwich 117

mediterranean egg wrap 119

fruits, oats, and yogurt parfait 122

chapter 9: the best mediterranean diet lunch 125

italian bean soup 126

traditional hummus 129

chicken quinoa salad 131

greek inspired potatoes 135

lentil soup 138

white bean soup 141

whole wheat penne with shrimp 144

warm cod salad 147

mediterranean barley salad with chicken 151