Light Falls Like Bits (e-bok)
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Light Falls Like Bits E-bok

The Photography of Trey Ratcliff

E-bok (LCP),  Engelska, 2015-12-18
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Photographer Trey Ratcliff crosses borders to find beauty-both literally and figuratively. In a world where people are inundated with images of despair and violence, Ratcliff seeks out life's gorgeous moments all over the globe and captures them to share with others. As a pioneer of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, Ratcliff mixes technology and art together to make each photo as stunning as the real-life experience. Trey Ratcliff's new eBook Light Falls Like Bits will be released in October of 2015. This innovative multimedia book presents his meditative photography along with text summaries and audio captions (for iOS only) read by the author himself creating a rich immersive digital experience. Ratcliff's images are more than just pixels on a screen- they are memories: a sweaty climb up a spiral mountain, or a surreal sunrise in a sleeping bag by the water. Each photograph captures a moment in the faceted world where we live, work, and explore. Light Falls Like Bits is an eye-opening memoir, geography lesson, and metaphor, mixed perfectly to create a book that showcases the beauty of Earth. The book also lends insight into the photographer's process, and the making of the images. These are not merely fleeting instances, but chances of personal reflection on the sometimes arduous, draining, or mundane happenstances of life that allow for us to step back and realize the truly beautiful things all around us.
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