Fler böcker av Elisabeth Badinter

  • XY

    Elisabeth Badinter

    Examining changing role models for masculine identity--from cowboy in the 1950s to Terminator in the 1990s, from flesh-and-blood man to machine--this book suggests that men need new role models and that sufficient room needs to be left for the exp...

  • Dead End Feminism

    Elisabeth Badinter

    In this provocative new book, France's leading feminist theorist launches a broadside against the way in which feminism has evolved since the 1990s. After the victories of the previous decades, during which women had made some real advances in soc...

  • Der Konflikt

    Elisabeth Badinter

    "Elisabeth Badinter sorgt mit ihren Thesen erneut für einen handfesten Skandal." Martina Meister, Frankfurter Rundschau Die Freiheiten, die sich Frauen einmal erkämpft haben, sind seit 30 Jahren zunehmend bedroht - in Deutschland noch me...