Wellness Above the Clouds (häftad)
Häftad (Paperback / softback)
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Irene Lauretti-von-Olnhausen
Brackel, Heiner (photographs)/Lauretti, Silvia (photographs)/Brackel, Heiner (photographs)/Lauretti, Silvia (photographs)
Heiner Brackel, Silvia Lauretti
71 colour photographs, 1 graphic illustration (repeated)
219 x 166 x 7 mm
176 g
Wellness Above the Clouds (häftad)

Wellness Above the Clouds

The Unique Guide to Complete Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit

Häftad Engelska, 2007-04-01
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"Wellness above the Clouds" is a unique and beautiful, fully coloured self-help wellness guide, which clearly shows how to get fit, well, radiant and happy within a few minutes and without even having to move or use any tools, "by simply using the fingers". It is therefore the ideal self-help wellness guide for the airline passenger, who not only wants to avoid virtually any common travel complaints, but who wishes to have a quick and most effective wellness program for Body, Mind and Spirit that can be applied any time and anywhere. The finger positions shown in "Wellness above the Clouds" are based on the ancient Japanese healing art Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered] according to which health and happiness are dependent on the free and unobstructed flow of energy in the human body. By employing the simple and discreet finger positions of the 22 programs of "Wellness above the Clouds," the keys to the ancient Japanese healing art Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered] are revealed in a delightfully simple and entertaining way. The programs have been specifically selected to meet the travellers' needs, but can be used by anybody any time and anywhere. The programs feature beautiful colour photographs (71) and the titles of the programs (for example: "Anti jet lag", "Substitute for jogging", "Instant energy boost", "Fitness and Beauty", "Easy digest", etc), make it easy for the individual to quickly choose what is most appropriate at any particular moment. "Wellness above the Clouds" is unique in many ways: it is the only self-help wellness guide worldwide enabling airplane passengers to use time spent on board a plane to get fit, well and radiant without having to move or use any tools; it gives the reader the keys to use the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered] without any prior knowledge; it is the only Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered] book on the English speaking market featuring a model showing the positions in colour photographs; the positions shown in the book are extremely effective, while being so simple that even children can apply them; and the positions can be applied anytime and anywhere and enable the reader to get fit, happy and radiant within a few minutes.
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Irene was born in Rome/Italy in March 1971. Already during childhood she was extremely interested in nature and healing with hands as well as with plants found in the wilderness. After high school Irene studied classical music (violin) and played in various chamber orchestras. Besides her musical activities she worked as a journalist and wrote scripts for television films. When she started studying the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered] in 2001, she knew that she had finally found what she had been searching for so long. As a trained Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered] practitioner Irene has been treating people suffering from a wide range of health projects (in JSJ one refers to projects rather than problems). Her main goal, however, is to enable people to use the wisdom of this ancient Japanese healing Art in order to "take wellbeing into their own hands". Irene is giving JSJ self-help classes, talks and special topic classes. With "Wellness above the Clouds" she gives us the keys to wellbeing, fitness and radiance to be used anytime and anywhere without any prior knowledge of the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu[registered].


Introduction, 8 - 9; Welcome on board and unwind, 10 - 11; No fear of flying, 12 - 13; No more ear problems during landing and take-off, 14 - 15; Harmonizing body, mind and spirit for general wellbeing, 16 - 17; Substitute for jogging, 18 - 19; Clear your mind, 20 - 21; Instant energy boost, 22 - 23; Fitness and Beauty, 24 - 25; Breathe freely, 26 - 27; Revitalize your eyes, 28 - 29; Calm your nerves and let joy fill your heart, 30 - 31; Bloating, swelling, and water retention, 32 - 33; Easy digest, 34 - 35; Fitness for your legs and feet, 36 - 37; Fitness for your back, 38 - 39; Have a good night and a peaceful rest, 40 - 41; Stomach pain and cramps, 42 - 43; Sudden toothache, 44 - 45; Soothe your headache, 46 - 47; Happy Heart, 48 - 49; Nausea and dizziness, 50 - 51; Anti jet lag and be prepared for a glorious and successful day, 52 - 53.