Enzyme Handbook: Volume 3: Class 3: Hydrolases (inbunden)
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v. 3 Class 3 - Hydrolases
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Enzyme Handbook: Volume 3: Class 3: Hydrolases (inbunden)

Enzyme Handbook: Volume 3: Class 3: Hydrolases

Inbunden Engelska, 1991-07-01
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Enzymes are applied in organic synthesis and in analytical chemistry, in industrial production processes of pharmaceuticals and in food processing. Finding a suitable enzyme for a desired transformation or with a defined specificity is not always an easy task. The "Enzyme Handbook" provides information for selecting the proper enzyme to perform defined transformations in a given environment. A variable number of pages is devoted to each enzyme, depending on the amount of information available, with the EC number as ordering criterion within a volume. Revised data sheets can be released for individual enzymes and newly characterized enzymes and they can be sorted into the binders at the appropriate place. Each data sheet is divided in 7 sections: nomenclature (EC number, systematic name, recommended name, synonyms, CAS reg. no.) ; reaction and specificity (catalysed reaction, reaction type, natural substrates, substrate spectrum, product spectrum, inhibitors, cofactors/prosthetic groups, metal compounds/salts, turnover number, specific activity, KM-value, pHoptimum, pH-range, temperature optimum, temperature range); enzyme structure (molecular weight, sub-units, glyco-/lipoprotein); isolation/preparation (source organism, source tissue, localization in source, purification, crystallization, cloned, renatured); stability (pH, temperature, oxidation, organic solvent, general stability information, storage); cross references (to structure data banks); literature references. This reference book on enzymes, enzyme specificity and industrial microbiology is intended for use by industrial and academic researchers.
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