Silverman's Game (e-bok)
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Silverman's Game (e-bok)

Silverman's Game (e-bok)

A Special Class of Two-Person Zero-Sum Games

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2012-12-06
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The structure of a Silverman game can be explained very quickly: Each of two players independently selects a number out of a prede- termined set, not necessarily the same one for both of them. The higher number wins unless it is at least k times as high as the other one; if this is the case the lower number wins. The game ends in a draw if both numbers are equal. k is a constant greater than 1. The simplicity of the rules stimulates the curiosity of the the- orist. Admittedly, Silverman games do not seem to have a direct applied significance, but nevertheless much can be learnt from their study. This book succeeds to give an almost complete overview over the structure of optimal strategies and it reveals a surprising wealth of interesting detail. A field like game theory does not only need research on broad questions and fundamental issues, but also specialized work on re- stricted topics. Even if not many readers are interested in the subject matter, those who are will appreciate this monograph.
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