Enzyme Handbook 7 (häftad)
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1994 ed.
Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K
Salzmann, Margit (ed.), Schomburg, Dietmar (ed.), Stephan, Dörte (ed.)
XV, 817 p.
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1 Paperback / softback
Enzyme Handbook 7 (häftad)

Enzyme Handbook 7

Class 1.5-1.12: Oxidoreductases

Häftad Engelska, 2012-07-26
Skickas inom 10-15 vardagar.
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Recent progress on enzyme immobilisation, enzyme production, coenzyme regeneration and enzyme engineering has opened up fascinating new fields for the potential application of enzymes in a large range of different areas. As more progress in research and application of enzymes has been made the lack of an up-to-date overview of enzyme molecular properties has become more apparent. Therefore, we started the development of an enzyme data in- formation system as part of protein-design activities at GBF. The present book" Enzyme Handbook" represents the printed version of this data bank. In future a computer searchable version will be also available. The enzymes in this Handbook are arranged according to the Enzyme Commission list of enzymes. Some 3000 "different" enzymes will be covered. Frequently enzymes with very different properties are included under the same EC number. Although we intend to give a representative overview on the characteristics and variability of each enzyme the Handbook is not a com- pendium. The reader will have to go to the primary literature for more detailed information. Naturally it is not possible to cover all the numerous literature references for each enzyme (for special enzymes up to 40000) if the data re- presentation is to be concise as is intended.
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Pyrroline-2-carboxylate reductase.- Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase.- Dihydrofolate reductase.- Methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (NADP+).- Formyltetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase.- Saccharopine dehydrogenase (NAD+, L-lysine forming).- Saccharopine dehydrogenase (NAD+, L-glutamate-forming).- D-Octopine dehydrogenase.- 1-Pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase.- Nicotinate dehydrogenase.- Methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase (NAD+).- D-Lysopine dehydrogenase.- Alanopine dehydrogenase.- Ephedrine dehydrogenase.- D-Nopaline dehydrogenase.- Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (NADPH).- DELTA1-Piperideine-2-carboxylate reductase.- Strombine dehydrogenase.- Tauropine dehydrogenase.- N5-(Carboxyethyl)ornithine synthase.- Thiomorpholine-carboxylate dehydrogenase.- beta-Alanopine dehydrogenase.- Sarcosine oxidase.- N-Methyl-L-amino-acid oxidase.- N6-Methyl-lysine oxidase.- (S)-6-Hydroxynicotine oxidase.- (R)-6-Hydroxynicotine oxidase.- L-Pipecolate oxidase.- (S)-Tetrahydroprotoberberine oxidase.- Reticuline oxidase.- Dimethylglycine oxidase.- Polyamine oxidase.- Pyrimidodiazepine synthase.- Electron-transferring-flavoprotein dehydrogenase.- Sarcosine dehydrogenase.- Dimethylglycine dehydrogenase.- L-Pipecolate dehydrogenase.- Nicotine dehydrogenase.- Methylglutamate dehydrogenase.- Spermidine dehydrogenase.- Trimethylamine dehydrogenase.- Proline dehydrogenase.- Methylenetetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase.- NAD(P)+ transhydrogenase (B-specific).- NAD(P)+ transhydrogenase (AB-specific).- Cytochrome-b5 reductase.- NADPH-ferrihemoprotein reductase.- NADPH-cytochrome c2 reductase.- Leghemoglobin reductase.- Cystine reductase (NADH).- Glutathione reductase (NADPH).- Protein-disulfide reductase (NAD(P)H).- Thioredoxin reductase (NADPH).- CoA-glutathione reductase (NADPH).- Asparagusate reductase (NADH).- Trypanothione reductase.- Bis-gamma-glutamylcystine reductase (NADPH).- CoA-disulfide reductase (NADH).- NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone).- Monodehydroascorbate reductase (NADH).- Nitrate reductase (NADH).- Nitrate reductase (NAD(P)H).- Nitrate reductase (NADPH).- Nitrite reductase (NAD(P)H).- Hyponitrite reductase.- Azobenzene reductase.- GMP reductase.- Trimethylamine-N-oxide reductase.- Nitroquinoline-N-oxide reductase.- Hydroxylamine reductase (NADH).- 4-(Dimethylamino)phenylazobenzene reductase.- N-Hydroxy-2-acetamidofluorene reductase.- NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (FMN).- NADPH dehydrogenase (flavin).- NADPH dehydrogenase.- NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (quinone).- NADH dehydrogenase.- NADH dehydrogenase (quinone).- NADPH dehydrogenase (quinone).- Dihydropteridine reductase.- Aquacobalamin reductase.- Cob(II)alamin reductase.- Aquacobalamin reductase (NADPH).- Cyanocobalamin reductase (NADPH, cyanide-eliminating).- Ferric-chelate reductase.- Nitrite reductase (cytochrome).- Nitroethane oxidase.- Acetylindoxyl oxidase.- Urate oxidase.- Hydroxylamine oxidase.- 3-aci-Nitropropanoate oxidase.- Ferredoxin-nitrite reductase.- Ferredoxin-nitrate reductase.- Hydroxylamine reductase.- Nitrite reductase.- Nitrate reductase.- 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (FADH2).- Nitrous-oxide reductase.- Nitric-oxide reductase.- Sulfite reductase (NADPH).- Hypotaurine dehydrogenase.- Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase.- Sulfite dehydrogenase.- Thiosulfate dehydrogenase.- Sulfite oxidase.- Thiol oxidase.- Glutathione oxidase.- Methanethiol oxidase.- Glutathione-homocystine transhydrogenase.- Protein-disulfide reductase (glutathione).- Glutathione-CoA-glutathione transhydrogenase.- Glutathione-cystine transhydrogenase.- Methionine-S-oxide reductase.- Protein-methionine-S-oxide reductase.- Enzyme-thiol transhydrogenase (oxidized-glutathione).- Glutathione dehydrogenase (ascorbate).- Sulfite reductase (ferredoxin).- Sulfite reductase.- Adenylylsulfate reductase.- Hydrogensulfite reductase.- Cytochrome-c oxidase.- Pseudomonas cytochrome oxidase.- Nitrate reductase (cytochrome).- Iron-cytochrome-c reductase.- trans-Acenaphthene-1,2-diol dehydrogenase.- L-Ascorbate-