Laser-Induced Processes in Molecules (häftad)
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1979
Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K
Kompa, K. L. (ed.), Smith, S. D. (ed.)
XIV, 370 p.
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Laser-Induced Processes in Molecules (häftad)

Laser-Induced Processes in Molecules

Physics and Chemistry Proceedings of the European Physical Society, Divisional Conference at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh, Scotland, September 20-22, 1978

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This conference on both the physics and chemistry of laser-induced processes in molecules was organized by the Quantum Electronics Divisional Board of the European Physical Society whose membership is given on p.367. The confer- ence aim, to mix physicists and chemists interested in this exciting field both from Europe and further afield, was well fulfilled by the attendance of around 250 participants and the submission of about 100 papers, which dre presented here. Numerous people at both the Physics Department, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and at the Projektgruppe fUr Laserforschung, MPI, Garching, con- tributed hard work to the organization; in addition to Dr. Bob Harrison, who bore the biggest burden with conspicuous success, we particularly thank Hugh MacKenzie, Richard Dennis and last but not least Miss Joanne Askham and the secretaries in Edinburgh together with Frau Doris Maischberger and the secretaries in Garching. December 1978 K.L. Kompa S.D. Smith Conren~ Part I. Study of Lasers and Related Techniques Suitable for Applications in Chemistry and Spectroscopy Rare Gas Halogen Lasers and Photochemical Applications. By S.D. Rockwood...3 Group VI Molecular Photolytic Dissociation Studies Using Rare Gas Halide Lasers. By M.C. Gower, A.J. Kearsley, and C.E. Webb ...8 Broadly Tunable UV Source Based on Stimulated Raman Scattering.
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I. Study of Lasers and Related Techniques Suitable for Applications in Chemistry and Spectroscopy.- Rare Gas Halogen Lasers and Photochemical Applications.- Group VI Molecular Photolytic Dissociation Studies Using Rare Gas Halide Lasers.- Broadly Tunable UV Source Based on Stimulated Raman Scattering.- Laser-Induced Intermolecular and Intramolecular Energy Transfer Processes.- A New Method for Exposing Mammalian Cells to Intense Laser Radiation Using the Evanescent Fields Created in Optical Waveguides.- Time-Dependent Kinetic-Thermodynamic Description of a Nonequilibrium Molecular System: The HF Chemical Laser.- Low-Temperature Performance of Roto-Vibrational Molecular Lasers.- HBr Laser Emission at 4 ?m Based on the Chemical Generation of Bromine Atoms.- Tunable Infrared Generation from Four-Wave Mixing in Room-Temperature Germanium.- II. Spectroscopic Studies with and Related to Lasers.- High-Resolution Double-Resonance Spectroscopy of SF6.- High-Resolution Coherent Raman Spectroscopy of Methane and Intensity of CARS vs Pressure in Gases.- Molecular Spectroscopy of NO and C2H4 Using Step-Tunable IR Lasers and the External Resonator Controlled Spin-Flip Raman Laser.- Photophysics of Gaseous UF6 in the UV: Energy Balance Through Quantum Efficiency Measurements.- Optical Dephasing in Molecular Iodine.- An Efficient Algorithm for the Study of Nonlinear Resonant Propagation of Two Concomitant Optical Pulses Interacting with a Three-Level Atomic System.- The Influence of Hyperfine Coherence and of Elastic Collisions on the Circular Polarisation of Emission from Li2.- Collisional Depolarization and Rotational Energy Transfer of the 7Li2B1?u-Li2S1/2 System Using Laser-Induced Fluorescene.- Saturated Absorption Experiments on a Molecule Dressed by a Radio-frequency Field.- dc Magnetic Field Effects on Polarized Monochromatic Laser Radiation Absorption in Electronic Transitions: A Simple Model.- Effect of Two-Photon Saturation on Ordinary Raman Scattering.- Predissociation in the A? A? State of HNO.- Photoassociation of Heavy Metal Excimers: Spectroscopic, Kinetic, and Laser Applications.- Dye-Laser-Induced Emission from the KXe Molecule.- Laser-Induced Emission from the NaK Molecule in a Supersonic Beam.- The Singlet-Triplet Energy Separation of CH2 and Spectroscopy of the a1A1 State.- Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy Using Pulsed Laser Excitation.- Ultrafast Spectroscopy with a Streak Camera: Excited State Spectroscopy and Kinetics of Coumarin Derivatives.- Laser-Induced Processes in Phthalocyanines.- Fluorescence Decay-Time Measurement of Rhodamine 6G and Rhodamine B in Different Solutions.- Laser Flash Spectroscopy of 4-Nitrostilbenes and Thioindigo Dyes; Configuration of the Triplet State in Solution.- III. Multiphoton Excitation, Dissociation and Ionization.- Laser-Induced Unimolecular Reactions.- Time and Intensity Dependence of the Infrared Absorption of SF6: Measurements with an Injection-Locked Single Mode TEA CO2 Laser.- IR Absorption of Highly Excited SF6.- Absorption of Intense Laser Radiation by SF6 and S2F10.- Collisional Effects in the Multiple-Photon Infrared Laser Pumping of Polyatomic Molecules.- Coherent Pulse Propagation Effects in Multilevel Molecular Systems.- The Influence of Intensity and Laser-Energy Fluence in Unimolecular Reactions Induced by Monochromatic Infrared Radiation (URIMIR).- On the Dynamics of Multiphoton Dissociation of Polyatomic Molecules II. Application to O3.- Nonthermal Theory of Threshold Behaviour of Collisionless Multiphoton Dissociation.- An Anharmonic Model for Molecular Photo-Excitation.- Dynamic Stark Splitting of Multiphoton Absorption Resonances.- Polarization Selection Rules for Two-Photon Processes.- Doppler-Free Raman Spectroscopy and Suppression of Molecular Doppler-Broadened Transitions Induced by Laser Field.- Laser-Controlled Unimolecular and Bimolecular Processes: Field-Dependent Rate "Constants".- Laser-Induced Predissociation of Diatomic and Polyatomic Mo