Transportation, Traffic Safety and Health (e-bok)
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Transportation, Traffic Safety and Health (e-bok)

Transportation, Traffic Safety and Health E-bok

The New Mobility

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2013-04-17
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Minister Ines Uusmann The Swedish Ministry of Transport and Communication The post-industrial society is to a great extent characterized by a tremendous growth in transportation. The freedom to move is a central and fundamental human value. Transportation together with communication are the most important prerequi- sites for increasing the level of human interaction and mobility over time and space, giving us the possi- bility to seek knowledge, experience and social con- tacts. At the same time that mo- bility has increased we have also witnessed an associ- ated growth in health prob- lems. The number of seri- ous injuries and fatalities caused by road traffic is un- acceptable. Great efforts have been made to reduce these figures and a down- ward trend has been visible in most countries over the last 20 years. Still, there re- mains lots to be done. VI Minister Ines Uusmann The road transport infrastructure is the least forgiving human- machine system used by people today. In Sweden it kills and causes long-term injuries to approximately five percent of the popula- tion. In some countries this figure is over twenty percent. Unlike more modem human-machine systems the road system relies upon individuals following norms, laws and rules that are in force. It is taken for granted that people are sensible, careful and always make the right decisions.
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