Julius Caesar (e-bok)
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Julius Caesar (e-bok)

Julius Caesar (e-bok)

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Ryska, 2017-12-30
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"e;ZHZ. Julius Caesar. His life and military activities "e;E. N. Orlova - book of the artistic and biographical series"e; The Life of Remarkable People "e;about the legendary ancient Roman commander Julia Caesar (Latin Iulius Caesar, 100 BC - 44 BC. .). *** Guy Julius Caesar, a descendant of the ancient patrician clan, reached the heights of power in the struggle with the party of conservative senators and subsequently organized the first triumvirate along with Gney Pompey the Great and Mark Licinius Crassus, having annexed to Rome lands from the Rhine to Gaul. Caesar is also known as a public figure and author of many winged expressions. The series "e;ZHZL"e; was invented and published in 1890 by the publishing house F. F. Pavlenkov. The publication of the favorite series was resumed in Soviet times. A unique book series of its kind includes 1700 books, which are published in a total circulation of more than 200 million copies. 125 years after the beginning of the publication "e;The Life of Remarkable People"e;, the Multimedia Publishing House of Strelbitsky begins the project of the reissue of "e;ZHZ"e; in the form of electronic books. Moreover, the series "e;ZhZL"e; from MI Strelbitsky will include new works and new names of remarkable people of past eras and modern times.
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