Time Flies (e-bok)
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Time Flies (e-bok)

Time Flies (e-bok)

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Kinesiska, 2012-09-01
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Yan Xiaoduo, originally a child star, turned from a white swan to an ugly duckling after the age of 18. Her lovely and adorable appearance was finally worn away by time into a ugly face. However, life is more unfortunate, she failed in the college entrance examination, she did not like to learn, she mixed in the various groups playing insignificant roles and doing everything that is still related to the original, she has a proud heart, derived from childhood pride. In the confusion, I met Gu Nuoyi, a child star who had hosted the radio station with him as a child. Gu Nuoyi was as clean and handsome as ever, and his popularity remained unchanged. In order to return to the screen again, Yan Xiaoduo kept approaching Gu Nuoyi. Here, Yan Xiaoduo met the resident painter. Fate began with the ugly portrait, but she was perplexed by her identity. Through the help of He Zhu, Yan Xiaoduo returned to the entertainment circle, but because a series of events were hidden by the snow, and the originator of these things was Gu Nuoyi's mother, Yan Xiaoduo fell into a dilemma of career and love. He Zhu again helped, Yan Xiaoduo had the opportunity to start the concert, but on the stage of the concert, she lost her voice. It turned out to be revenge. Yan Xiaoduo reflected on her way in these years, found that she was not suitable for living in the entertainment circle, and retired behind the scenes, life restored calm. He Zhu left China, and Gu Nuo found Yan Xiaoduo, a hermit. In peace, they were together.
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