Fler böcker av författarna

  • Managing Elite Sport Systems

    Svein S Andersen, Barrie Houlihan, Lars Tore Ronglan

    Over the last twenty years or so there has been a sharp increase in interest from national sports federations and governments in the development of effective elite sport systems, particularly focused on achieving success in the summer and winter O...

  • Embedded Multi-Level Leadership in Elite Sport

    Svein S Andersen, Per Oystein Hansen, Barrie Houlihan

    Provides a theoretically informed analysis of leadership processes in elite sport systems. Provides a theoretically informed analysis of the value context within which leadership in elite sport systems operates. Provides a comparison of elite spor...

  • Energy Union

    Svein S Andersen, Andreas Goldthau, Nick Sitter

    This book contributes to an ongoing debate about the EU as a global actor, the organization's ability to speak with one voice in energy affairs, and the external dimension of the regulatory state. Investigating whether the Energy Union amounts to ...