Fler böcker av Slinkachu

  • Little People in the City


    'They're Not Pets, Susan,' says a stern father who has just shot a bumblebee, its wings sparkling in the evening sunlight; a lone office worker, less than an inch high, looks out over the river in his lunch break, 'Dreaming of Packing it all In'; ...

  • The Global Model Village


    A tiny mother and child bustle through a dusty township in Cape Town, while a miniature informant whispers in a telephone box in Beijing. Thumb-sized riot police climb the Acropolis in Athens, while an inch-high woman pole-dances around a lamppost...

  • Kleine Leute in der großen Stadt


    Der besondere Blick auf das Alltägliche. Pfützen werden zu unüberwindlichen Seen und Hummeln erlegt, die größer sind als man selbst - dieses Buch führt mitten ins Abenteuer des alltäglichen Lebens.Wer hat sich n...