Six Pack o' Strange Tales (häftad)
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210 x 148 x 5 mm
152 g
Six Pack o' Strange Tales (häftad)

Six Pack o' Strange Tales

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Häftad Engelska, 2013-08-04


Six Pack o' Strange Tales collects six stories (four illustrated) that'll drag you over the hills of Bizarro, drown you in the river of madness, and wash your bloated corpse up on Pulp Horror beach. Are you ready to make the trip?

Also includes a bonus story.

"The Babbitt Farm": An elderly country bumpkin buys a farm to grow a field of corn, but why does the crop taste so sinister?

"The Strange Case of Frankie Forepaws": A cat debt-collector's Boss' nephew has gone mad. Every claw soon points to one rundown factory carrying a well hidden secret; bound to ruin their corrupt city and turn its citizens insane.

"The King's Collection": A stripper with the body of a goddess but the face of a Gremlin, meets a strange man who offers her the vacation of a lifetime...

"The Gold of Molegrave Hollow": A cursed cemetery! Pesky gophers! An assiduous cemetery keep stumbles upon something he's been seeking since WWII. Can his pacemaker handle the surprise?

"The Spider Lump": In a war where giant armadillos are used as war-tanks, two armies' are standing on the threshold of the final battle for domination. Meanwhile, two hellions trespass an underground excavation in search for strange treasures-unaware their loot will vastly alter the future. Another threat has woken...

"The Deconstruction of Dreamcatching Henry": A traveling street musician, acclaimed for dreaming up his enthralling songs, flees his motel room in the middle of the night after a violent dispute with the fleabag's vexed clerk. Gallivanting the desolate streets and harbor, he ends up in a deserted boathouse where he resumes his interrupted sleep. But is it really deserted? Unsettling croaks at the door suggests otherwise...
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  1. Med "Six Pack o' Strange Tales" fortsätter Michael...
    Erik Flismark, 12 september 2013

    Med "Six Pack o' Strange Tales" fortsätter Michael Faun att ge läsaren inblick i nya världar.
    Det kan konstateras att hans förmåga att skriva på ett målande sätt är stark.
    Jag gillade exempelvis raderna i The Gold of Molegrave Hollow" där ett besvärat sökande i en telefonkatalog ger reslutat; His lengthy face shrank into a diabolical grin as he suddenly found the cure for his ailment on one of those flimsy pages.

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