Create Health with Your Sexual Energy - The Tao Approach to Mens Well-Being (häftad)
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Lisa Larsson
Color illustrations
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4349:Standard Color 6.14 x 9.21 in or 234 x 156 mm (Royal 8vo) Perfect Bound on Standard 70 White w/
Create Health with Your Sexual Energy - The Tao Approach to Mens Well-Being (häftad)

Create Health with Your Sexual Energy - The Tao Approach to Mens Well-Being

The Tao Approach to Men's Well-Being

Häftad Engelska, 2020-08-26
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This book is about how you can embrace your sexual energy and use this amazing creational power to generate well-being and a healthy body. You will get a deeper understanding of the health benefits of a sexuality that is utilized for well-being and not solely for pleasure. To do this, you go inside yourself, aided by self-empowering practices that guide you towards your deepest loving nature guide you towards your deepest loving nature and finding ways to achieve emotional balance. On the way there, you will get to know your masculine essence and extend your capability for sexual pleasure. According to the Tao, sexual energy is also linked to creativity and the ability to fulfill your heart's desires and purpose. The Taoist theory of awareness and cultivation of your life force and sexual energy is the basis for the practices in this book.

The most important thing a man can do today is to take back the power of his emotional body and prolong and deepen the ability for pleasure. From this book you will be guided back into your body, so that your soul force can grow and your innermost pleasure can be awakened and expand.


Taoism and Sexual Qigong

Male Genital Anatomy

Orgasm versus Ejaculation

Various Orgasmic Expressions

Andropause, Testosterone and Prostate

Pelvic Floor Awareness

25 Informative Color Illustrations

15 Taoist Practices

"If you had full integrity in your sexual drive it would probably be a revolution in your way of creating relationships. Try to imagine how you would choose a partner if the attraction was not controlled by more or less unsatisfied unconscious erotic desires and emotional needs. It doesn't mean that the desire is not there, it's only more intentional and closer to your true desire and needs of your heart".

"A woman who unilaterally searches to be close without the ability of sexual dedication, is as half and incomplete as a man seeking only for ejaculation and orgasm, without the ability of emotional connection".

"The source of both health and pleasure is within you"

I wish you a journey full of pleasure!
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Praise for "Create Health with Your Sexual Energy"

The Taoist alchemical spiritual tradition is closest to my heart. It's been my experience over the last 35 years of personal practice that each of us will never embody our true spirituality without first embracing and making conscious our sexual energy. Every human being who is born on this planet will have to navigate this journey. Some will do it unconsciously with much frustration and pain, and others will be blessed to find a modern Taoist alchemist who can clarify and simplify the terrain in everyday language.

I highly recommend these books written by someone who has taken this journey herself and made it her life's mission to educate women and men about the miraculous creative power of the universe contained in the egg and the sperm. When you put into practice what is contained in this book you will discover radiant health and longevity, a calm balanced emotional body. Ultimately, you will release your fear of death, and discover the eternal peace and bliss of your androgynous Soul.

Andrew Kenneth Fretwell,

Founder of worldwide community

Finally a book for men! Very important information about the man's sexuality, prostate, pelvic oor and more. And I really appreciate the excercises, very useful and e ective. ank's!

Mikael, 35, Data technician

Oh, how I've been looking for a book like this! Many teachings describe the path between the brain and the heart as the longest and most di cult. is book also take you from the root to the heart. A way for the brave!

Stefan, 59, Senior Adviser 

Övrig information

Irne Andersson is from Sweden and has over 25 years of exploration and learning in different traditions and alternative methods, resulting in a unique combination of knowledge, experience and tools. Her specialty is Taoist sexual practice with focus on the pelvic floor and sexual health. She combines modern research with wisdom from different traditions of thought that has a holistic view. Irne is a certified Qigong instructor since 1998 and has spent a lot of time with Taoist teachers in different countries, and also studied Tantra, Yoga and shamanism as well as psychological methods and school medicine. In a clinical setting, she offers pelvic floor treatment and bodywork, and gives trainings, workshops and lectures in pelvic floor awareness, sexual health and Taoist sexual practice.


TAOISM AND SEXUAL QIGONG Yin and yang Male and female Qigong What is Qi? Meridians Qi has three parts Sex and spirituality Sexual energy Sexual qigong Sexual alchemy The three treasures Lower Dan Tian

THE MALE ANATOMY The male anatomy Penis Scrotum Testicles Epididymides Sperm Cowpers glands Semen Vas deferens The prostate Seminal vesicles Ejaculation Perineum P-zone Pelvic floor muscles Anus Nerves and the brain

MALE SEXUALITY Orgasm and ejaculation Full body orgasm Ejaculation according to Tao Stopping the ejaculation Premature ejaculation Impotence Masturbation Circumcision The male burden to perform Feelings and sex Exhibitionism and voyeurism To be, not to do Different orgasmic expressions Become a better lover The power of words Tips from women Female anatomy What happens in the meeting?