Create Health with Your Sexual Energy - The Tao Approach to Womens Well-Being (häftad)
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Lisa Larsson
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Create Health with Your Sexual Energy - The Tao Approach to Womens Well-Being (häftad)

Create Health with Your Sexual Energy - The Tao Approach to Womens Well-Being

The Tao Approach to Women's Well-Being

Häftad Engelska, 2020-08-26
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This book is about how you can embrace your sexual energy and use this amazing creational power to generate well-being and a healthy body. You will get a deeper understanding of the health benefits of a sexuality that is utilized for well-being and not solely for pleasure. To do this you go inside yourself, aided by self-empowering practices that guide you towards accessing the wisdom of the body and finding ways to achieve emotional balance. On the way there, you will get to know your feminine essence and learn important female genital anatomy and the sexual fluids of the body, including female ejaculation. According to the Tao, sexual energy is also linked to creativity and the ability to fulfill your heart's desires and purpose. The Taoist theory of awareness and cultivation of your life force and sexual energy is the basis for the practices in this book.

The most important thing a woman can do today is to take back the power over her body, recapture the power of her womb and regain the ability to have an orgasm. From this book you will be guided back into your body, so that your soul force can grow and your innermost pleasure parts can be awakened.


Taoism and Sexual Qigong

Female Genital Anatomy

Female Prostate

Orgasm and Ejaculation

Pelvic Floor Awareness

Menopause and Hormones

25 Informative Color Illustrations

15 Taoist Practices

"If you had full integrity in your sexual drive it would probably be a revolution in your way of creating relationships. Try to imagine how you would choose a partner if the attraction was not controlled by more or less unsatisfied unconscious erotic desires and emotional needs. It doesn't mean that the desire is not there, it's only more intentional and closer to your true desire and needs of your heart".

"A woman who unilaterally searches to be close without the ability of sexual dedication, is as half and incomplete as a man seeking only for ejaculation and orgasm, without the ability of emotional connection".

I wish you a journey full of pleasure!

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Thank you for this wonderful book! I find myself in a constant rush of happiness and a wonderful awakening. I enjoy the power of my natural abilities. Your book opened me to my feelings and has opened new doors...where the hinges have flown away!

Monica, 54, Teacher

I really like this book, it is very soft and beautiful. I read it every now and then, and it makes me happy every time, because of all the details, references and new approaches you present in an educational and easily understandable way. You make what can be difficult and complex to grasp accessible to everyone.

Ann, 36, Musician

Create Health with Your Sexual Energy

A Tao Approach to Womens Well-Being

june, 2020 forward by deborah sundahl

recent discoveries in neuroscience have ushered in a new era of how to view our health, how we approach our health and how we maintain our health, including our approach to disease. we now know that our emotions affect changes in the very molecules of our body, which in turn cause changes to our health. the state of our internal environment from the food we eat, the physical movements we make each day, the emotions we feel and the thoughts we think can actually turn gene markers on and off. the control of our health is in our own hands on a daily basis.


rather than depend on external sources to interpret our health and produce products to care for our bodies, this new approach to health relies on our internal resources. to help us pivot from outward reliance to inner reserves, irene andersson translated from swedish her modern health and sexuality manual for women which uses the framework of taoist theory. the energetic use of sexuality is the key component for taoism's very personal approach to understanding at a deeper level one's health, and how to maintain its balance, and therefore its integrity, over one's lifetime.

to do this, irene guides you inside your body (not outside) through practices that access the wisdom of the body, like finding ways to recognize and connect with your body's emotional inner balance system. you learn correct and important female genital anatomy that is rarely taught to us in the western world, and you discover these truths in your very own lovely vulva, such as the new science on the female prostate. orgasm and the sexual fluids secreted by the erotic body have fascinating health benefits, including the new discovery of female ejaculation.

sexual energy is the rocket fuel for building the cornerstones of inner generated health. fortunately, the past 50 years have seen major changes in lifting sexuality out of its cultural taboo, religious shame state and banishment from every corner of life. rescued only recently by psychology and sexo...

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Irene Andersson is from Sweden and has over 25 years of exploration and learning in different traditions and alternative methods, resulting in a unique combination of knowledge, experience and tools. Her specialty is Taoist sexual practice with focus on the pelvic floor and sexual health. She combines modern research with wisdom from various traditions of thought that has a holistic view. Irene is a certified Qigong instructor since 1998 and has spent a lot of time with Taoist teachers in different countries, and also studied Tantra and shamanism as well as psychological methods and school medicine. Irene is passionate about sharing her knowledge of our bodies and erotic potential. In a clinical setting, she o ers pelvic floor treatment and bodywork, and gives trainings, workshops and lectures in pelvic floor awareness, sexual health and Taoist sexual practice.




From theory to exercises Spine and directions for movement


Taoism and dualism Quantum physics Yin and Yang Female and male Sex and spirituality Qi, Qigong and Chinese medicine Sexual energy A catalyzing force Sexual qigong in theory Sexual alchemy The three treasures Dan Tian


Grounding Earthing Good posture The breath Circulation, blood and consciousness The nervous system Hormones, how do they know what to do Cell renewal Cell consciousness Purpose and intention Placebo effect Meditation The meaning of life according to Professor Wang Healing magic


Female anatomy Vulva Vagina Erectile tissue Urethra Perineum Pelvic floor muscles Uterus and cervix Fallopian tubes Ovaries The female prostate Bartholin's glands Clitoris G-zone A-zone PFE-zone and AFE-zone CUV complex U-zone F-zone P-zone Nerves Brain


The female yin nature Womans erotic flows Orgasm Explore your erotic potential Different types of orgasm Female ejaculation It is not pee! View in early cultures   Western view  What does female ejaculation contain? Where does the fluid come from? Squirting versus ejaculate? The three sacred waters Sex for the sake of health


Natural cycles in life Menstrual cycle Natural birth control Menopause Hormones decrease The golden eggs of wisdom Protect yourself from stress The nervous system and biochemistry during stress


Before the exercises Various reactions

1: Basic positions

2: Physical warm-up exercises

3: Finishing, collecting energy and yin-phase

4: The tree, exercise for grounding

5: The inner smile

6: Th...