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Izzy and The Mini Gang
9-12 år
Oximedia AB
Eva Apelqvist
Kiri Østergaard Leonard
The Attack (e-bok)

The Attack E-bok

E-bok (EPUB), Engelska, 2019-10-02



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Izzy and The Mini Gang

The Attack

The mini Shetlands in Izzy"s gang look forward to a nice, quiet summer. They wan"t to chill and have fun in the pasture with their foals. They know nothing of the danger that lurks in the woods. In the nearby forest, baby animals are disappearing without a trace. Izzy, the lead mare, is afraid - are the foals in her herd in danger too? How will she be able to protect them and who is threatening her ponies? Izzy must be ready in case somebody attacks the herd.

About the book

"Exciting book! So nice that other animals are a part of the story too. Good to have the vocabulary at the end." Emma, 12 years

"Fun book. I like that it"s the horses that speak." Hedda, 11 years

"Read until we fell asleep, and in the morning Selma came in right away and wanted to read more." Maria, mother of Selma, 7 years

The author Lotta Hylander-horse crazy since early childhood-is a journalist and was the editor-in-chief of the Swedish magazine Allers for many years. Lotta lives in Smolandia (Sma°land), a province in southern Sweden, and there are many animals on her family farm, among them, mini Shetland ponies Korint, Tiili, Lottie and Louisan. They are a great inspiration for the Mini Gang characters. www.isaochminiganget.se

Kiri Østergaard Leonard is an awardwinning illustrator and artist. Kiri grew up in Denmark, but she now lives in the United States. Kiri gets a lot of her inspiration from her childhood in the village of Boeslum, Denmark. Nature, Nordic tales, the horses and the other animals she grew up with can often be seen in her art. Kiri loves animals and she has four cats and two guinea pigs in her home in Austin, Texas. www.kirileonard.com
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