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Great Gigs (del 4)
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Consulting in the Gig Economy & How to get great gigs (e-bok)

Consulting in the Gig Economy & How to get great gigs E-bok

E-bok,  Engelska, 2020-09-17
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This guide to consulting, gig work and freelancing is full of ways to get yourself ready for self-employment. It gives advice about setting up a company or not to, PR, how to write and organize your CV, ways to win work and importantly, how to get paid through smart admin and partner agreements. Gig workers will account for over 25 % of the working population by 2025 and the entire growth of the labour market has come from the gig economy according to a recent report. Everyone is a gig worker today - you just do not know about it yet.

This book is part of the Great Gigs series and is tailored to a Swedish audience and describes both global and national conditions working, gigging and consulting in Sweden or as a nomad with a need to understand the landscape of the Swedish job market.

With this e-book, I want to encourage companies, organizations and all freelancers also known as gig workers, to constantly develop and become better and more conscious in their professional role by learning and reflecting. To be successful regardless of role, it's important to think long-term, focus and constantly be prepared to work with one self. In this book, you will learn more about how to succeed in the gig economy and about the different types of roles you can have as a gig worker. For example, as an employee in a consulting company, self-employed, or administered by other companies that specialize in making it easier to thrive with assignments instead of drowning in administration.

You will learn to build your personal brand and to build trust in your network. We will also cover what you need to consider concerning assignment-based work and being a gig worker, freelancer, consultant, contractor etc in order to get great gigs!

In this book, the term "success factor" is used to describe the characteristics or skills that make you a better gig worker. They are important as assessment and follow up tools for you in your personal development now and moving forward. You can hone your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Praise about the book

"The gig economy presents new opportunities for consulting and Marianne, as a consultant herself, has not only recognised this but provided a comprehensive guide for those needing support to enter this brave new world." Elle Tucker, Gangleader, Ganghut Media & Chair of the Sharing Economy Board

"Use Marianne Olsson"s book "Working in the gig economy & how to get great gigs" as a roadmap to freedom, and take charge of your work life". Stefan Engeseth, Author, Speaker and Advisor,

"Considering gig work as an option involves weighing up lots of information. This book brings clarity to this type of work and helps you succeed in this growing economy". Juliet Eccleston, CEO and Founder, AnyGood? - personal recommendations for recruitment

"A very good book to read if you are contemplating becoming a freelancer. It has essential tips along with FAQs from industry experts, which the reader may find useful". Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO, Tapoly - insurance for SME & freelancers

"The complete guide for both consultants and gig workers who want to be their own boss in the gig economy".

Claes Persson, Serial entrepreneur & Founder of Gee Finance - the good bank for gig workers globally

About Marianne Olsson

Marianne is a gig economy expert, speaker, and author, and a Strategic Advisor with 25 years of marketing and business development experience in international environments. She has an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK, and her positions include management roles at Ericsson and Acando, as well as an advisor to startups and global companies with digital ventures. ...
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