Current topics in photosynthesis (häftad)
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Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986
Amesz, J. (ed.), Hoff, A. J. (ed.), Gorkum, H. J. Van (ed.)
296 p.
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Current topics in photosynthesis (häftad)

Current topics in photosynthesis

Dedicated to Professor L.N.M. Duysens on the occasion of his retirement

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Four decades ago, when Lou Duysens was about to start his work on fluo- rescence and energy transfer in photosynthesis that would lead to his thesis [1], very little was known about the molecular mechanisms of photosyn- thesis, certainly from our present-day point of view. However, this state of affairs would rapidly change in the ensuing years by the introduction of modern physical and biochemical techniques. Especially the field of optical spectroscopy, on which the work of Duysens had such a significant impact, has proved to be one of the most fruitful techniques in the study of primary processes and electron transfer reactions in photosynthesis. Duysens' thesis established the role of energy transfer in photosynthesis and also showed for the first time the existence in photosynthetic bacteria of light-induced absorbance changes of what is now known as the primary electron donor P-870. Subsequent studies by the same method demonstrated the photo-oxidation of cytochromes, both in bacteria [2] and in algae [3,4] and of the absorbance changes [3] that were later found to be due to electro chromic band shifts of antenna pigments. Measurements of cyto- chrome kinetics in light of various wavelengths led to the concept of two photosystems in green plant photosynthesis [5], whereas a study of the factors affecting the fluorescence yield of chlorophyll gave the first infor- mation on the electron acceptor Q of photo system II [6].
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Antennae.- Molecular arrangement of pigment-protein complexes of photosystem I.- Optical effects of sodium dodecyl sulfate treatment of the isolated light harvesting complex of higher plants.- Interactions of the bacteriochlorophylls in antenna bacteriochlorophyll-protein complexes of photosynthetic bacteria.- Pigment organization and energy transfer in the green photosynthetic bacterium Chloroflexus aurantiacus. II. The chlorosome.- Reaction Centers.- Photosystem-I photochemistry: A new kinetic phase at low temperature.- Thermodynamics of the charge recombination in photosystem II.- Stoichiometric determination of pheophytin in photosystem II of oxygenic photosynthesis.- Total recovery of O2 evolution and nanosecond reduction kinetics of chlorophyll-aII+ (P-680+) after inhibition of water cleavage with acetate.- Mechanism of photoinhibition: Photochemical reaction center inactivation in system II of chloroplasts.- Triplet-minus-singlet absorbance difference spectra of reaction centers of Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides R-26 in the temperature range 24-290K measured by Magneto Optical Difference Spectroscopy (MODS).- Electron Transport.- Manganese-histidine cluster as the function center of the water oxidation complex in photosynthesis.- Mechanism of proton-pumping in the cytochrome b/f complex.- ESR spectroscopy demonstrates that cytochrome b559 remains low potential in Ca2+-reactivated, salt-washed PS II particles.- Photosynthetic and respiratory electron transport in a cyanobacterium.- Anoxygenic photosynthetic hydrogen production and electron transport in the cyanobacterium Oscillatoria limnetica.- Oxidation of cytochrome c2 by photosynthetic reaction centers of Rhodospirillum rubrum and Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides in vivo. Effect of viscosity on the rate of reaction.- Photooxidation of mitochondrial cytochrome c by isolated bacterial reaction centers: Evidence for tight-binding and diffusional pathways.- Isolation of cytochrome bc1 complexes from the photosynthetic bacteria Rhodopseudomonas viridis and Rhodospirillum rubrum.- On the action of hydroxylamine, hydrazine and their derivatives on the water-oxidizing complex.- Membrane Structure and Ion Transport.- Photosynthetic free energy transduction related to the electric potential changes across the thylakoid membrane.- Energization and ultrastructural pattern of thylakoids formed under periodic illumination followed by continuous light.- What role does sulpholipid play within the thylakoid membrane?.- Evolution.- Photosynthesis 3.5 thousand million years ago.- Methods.- Detection of rapid induction kinetics with a new type of high-frequency modulated chlorophyll fluorometer.- A Monte-Carlo method for the simulation of kinetic models.