Sharkonomics (häftad)
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Sharkonomics (häftad)


How to Attack Market Leaders

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Häftad Engelska, 2012-02-15
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Sharks are nature's most revered and feared killing machines. But if you study the behaviour of sharks, you will learn they are also highly strategic and efficient in the way they survive and thrive in nature's competitive environment. Inspired by the shark's evolved (over 420 million years) instincts and strategic moves, this book provides businesses with 10 ways on how to attack the market leaders, and take market share, in your sector. "Move or Die", "Strike Unpredictably", "Timing is the Key", "Develop a Sensory System", Hunt in Packs", "Locate the Blind Spots to Attack" - these are some of the key ways to make shark food out of market leaders. Sharkonomics provides an inspiring perspective on competing in business and how companies of any size can create a presence for themselves in their market.
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  1. Intressant, men mkt plattityder
    Lars, 29 mars 2017

    Det finns delar som är roliga allegoriska skildringar, men lite väl mkt löpsedel-journalistik. Kunde varit mer genomarbetad, mer fakta och välgrundad forskning bakom, blev lite platt. Men ändå intressant, mkt lättläst.

  2. Intressant och spännande bok utan att avslöja allt
    Andrea, 14 april 2014

    Sträckläste den här boken för den var ovanlig och hade nya intressanta fakta som jag inte visste innan. Men författaren är väldigt smart, han ger många lockande bra tips utan egentligen avslöja allt hur han gör när han pratar om att "attackera" ett stort företag likt en haj skulle göra vid ett fett byte. Skulle tro att boken är ett smart sätt att sälja sina egna konsulttjänster, för man får en känsla av att ja, den här mannen vill jag konsultera för att få veta mer för han vet vad han pratar ... Läs hela recensionen

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Stefan's Sharkonomics speech was presented in a very charismatic way. To draw parallels between corporate and sharks behavior created discussions and a new way of thinking. Stefan offered a lecture filled with energy, creativity, experience and participation from the audience. Something I can highly recommend for upcoming events! -- Christoffer Blomberg, marketing manager, The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Stefan's book Sharkonomics is blood for sharks and steel cages for their prey. -- David Charron, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley Stefan Engeseth 'rocked it' at last nights lecture on his thought provoking Sharkonomics speech. I liked your combination of humor and directness when it came to looking at an opportunity or in your parlance, shark food. -- Eric Snelz, president, The American Marketing Association, Phoenix Chapter Stefan Engeseth brings Sharkonomics to life with quick witted-analyses, personal presence, and an uncanny talent for interacting with the audience. -- Maria V. Bergmann, president, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Chicago On behalf of SACC-NE, I wanted to thank you for an excellent Sharkonomics presentation. Not only were you able to captivate and entertain the fifty people attending, but I had several members reach out to me afterwards commenting on the great energy in the presentation. Your ability to distill core shark principles and apply them to businesses at different stages in their life cycles was both challenging and inspiring. -- Rasmus Goksor, president, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, New England Thank you Stefan for a great evening with Sharkonomics, November 1. It was a true pleasure to see you interact with the top quality audience at Thunderbird School of Global Management. With the assistance from the American Marketing Association Phoenix, and the many representatives from Thunderbird, SACC-Arizona enjoyed the best event this year featuring a guest from Sweden, now also considered a great friend. The law of nature inspired theme and strategies presented resulted in plenty of discussions that continued for hours at the networking reception following the event. We very much look forward to follow your continued success in the United States. -- Tobias Lofstrand, president, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Arizona

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